Pink Floyd Live at Pompei [Sunday Music]

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Hello music lovers, :0)

Sunday will have now his Sunday Music. A Sunday Special!

Ok, for this first one, maybe a classic, the Pink Floyd performance at Pompei.

This video on Youtube is just a part of the performance. The first release of Pink Floyd at Pompei is a 60 minutes one (1972). Then published again with a 20 minutes additional documentary (1974). And a Director's Cut DVD from 2003 with a 91 minutes lenght.

Pompei is a city and ancient city located in Campania, Italy. She is famous for being buried during a Vesuvius eruption. A neighboring volcano a few kilometers away, during the fall of the year 79 (AD).

The Pink Floyd performance at Pompei is from 1971.

A cool trip for a sunday. Enjoy! :0)

With #Love! :0)
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