Sound Legion Presents Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 5 - Official Track List - Cover Art Winners - Album Download

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Sound Legion 


Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 5

Cover Art Design Contest Winners + Official Track List and Album Download

Cover Contest:


1st Place - Official Volume 5 Cover + 25 SBD

2nd Place - Top Voted Artwork + 10 Steem

3rd Place - 5 SBD

4th place - 3 SBD

5th place - 2 SBD

3 Honorable Mentions - 1 SBD each 

There were a lot of entries for this round of the S.A.M.C. Cover Art Contest.  30 Entries in total to choose from all created by active steemians.     In choosing a cover for this volume a lot of thought went into the flow of the cover with the tracks on the album.   This has turned out to be a very diverse collection of original sounds from steemit artists and myself @clydemajiklegion and @qrittix wanted a cover that felt like it could fit with each of the tracks and there were a few that really stood out to us, but at the end there can only be 1.   Initially we were only gonna do 1 prize for top choice, but because there were so many good pieces to choose from we decided to do an official top 5 and also 3 honorable mentions all of which will receive Steem and SBD prizes.  

Honorable Mentions 

@dgmachado @jmlrecords @thomasrobertgent 

We really liked all 3 of these designs!  Great work

5th Place 


4th Place


3rd Place


2nd Place

*Top Voted from Steemians


1st Place

Winner S.A.M.C. Volume 5


We absolutely love this cover design.   We thought it had a moody darker feel to it that really suited the songs on the album.  As each track was played out several times going over the images, looking for something that worked for everything was a task and we think this one worked really well for us.   Volume 5 S.A.M.C. is a duel side digital album so we liked having two different tones in color to choose from, this helped play a part in helping us choose the tracks on each side of the Volume. 

Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 5


Direct Download Link - Zip 

 Track List 

1. @yidneth Priscilla Hernandez - No Matter What They Say 

2. @lisamalletart TRILÚMIA - Libre 

3. @isaria Isaria - Out of Phase  

4. @adamzi  A.D.A.M. - Faraway 

5. @ilazramusic Ilazra - Algo en ti 

6. @hostioso Hostioso - Saca Tu Telefono En Catia 

7. @qrittix Qrittix feat. Bonnie Legion - To the top 

8. @clydemajiklegion - Majik - Quake Riddim - (AJ Belik Remix) 

9. @harrisonmir Elpi5 - Angel Down 

10. @teaman Tea Man - No Respect 

11. @hardikv Alif -  Ali 

12. @davidfar Davood Faramarzi - Break The Silence 

13. @jmlrecords  Javad Mahdavi Layen - Prove 

14. @derosnec DEROSNEC - Chains 

15. @thomasrobertgent Thomas Robert Gent - A World Apart 


17. @senzenfrenz World War 3 


Direct Download Link - Zip

 Track List 

1. @darrenclaxton Darren Claxton - Breathe 

2. @michaeldietrich Michael Dietrich  - The Last Train Out 

3. @cherforgeron Cher Forgeron - Flat Line Imagination 

4. @nathankaye Nathan Kaye - Be Silent & Listen to the Call 

5. @lillywilton Lilly Wilton - The Burn I've Learned to Love 

6. @wilins Wilins Mendez - Universo 

7. @thomasrobertgent Tom Gent Feat. Bonnie Legion - Grapevines of Hearsay 

8. @bashadow @edprivat IFC Song 

9. @carlosrada Carlos Rada - Corporativo 

10. @brimax Brian Max - Walk With You 

11. @tribedownsouth - i.s.a.a.c. - The Girl 

12. @pechichemena Pechiche Mena - Alas de Polvo 

13. @beeflomein Solomon Underwood - The Ballad of Lilly Bella 

14. @tianalaunik - Tiana - UNA MISMA VOZ 

15. @juliolunar Abandono Acustico (la mucuy - merida Venezuela) - Limbo 

16. @juanmolina JUAN MOLINA - Chance de Vida 

17. @shookriya Shookriya - Buried in images 

Coming Next Week !!

S.A.M.C. Volume 5 Post 2 Featuring!

  1. Stock Footage Music Video for Volume 5 w/ 30 sec clips of each track to free online stock footage.  
  2. Spotlight Artist Features - 20 SBD Spotlight Prize

We'll guys a lot of time has gone into putting this together for artists and this awesome community.   Please take the time to download these albums and follow and support your favorite artists here on Steemit.   Feel free to blog about this post,  talk about your favorite tracks and pick your own spotlight artists.   This music has been made available to you for free download from Sound Legion Collaborative Artists Music House and Independent artists on the Steemit platform.   Feel free to use these song in your original content videos and posts with credits to the artists.  I hope you all enjoy this collection as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.  I cant wait to jump into spotlight and track reviews for this volume.  

100% Payout from Official Steemit Artists Music Compilation Posts goes to the artists on the current volume.

Resteem/Upvote this post and support community sound art


This fills me with absolute happiness! I love them very much. Thanks for giving so much value to my work. All the entries were beautiful. All with a lot of talent and that's why I want to congratulate all the participants. Ty, beatiful Shavon @soundlegion. I love u.
My heart is with you and with your efforts to make this platform sound at a high volume! Ty, everyone.

It's a lovely cover art... congratulations and thanks on the behalf of the musicians too! :)

It is an honor to get to promote your talents my friend, you are an incredible sound artists and visual artist this was a great cover, and to have you on both cover and in the compilation is fantastic. huge love to you, stay tuned for next weeks post i will be doing artists spotlights and the official track clip stock footage music video for this volume. much much love wilins you are sheer light and inspiration.

Great work! This is very inspiring and I’m so happy you chose my cover art as 3rd place! Congratulations everyone!

thank you so much for putting the time in on this, your work is so professional and I am absolutely positive we will be seeing more and more awesome stuff from you here on steemit as you share your art journey.. big huge love

So stoked, can't believe we're already up to compilation #5! And yet another bomb roster. Looks like this one is going to be just as awesome as the previous ones. Congrats to everyone involved!

As always, so much thanks and appreciation to @soundlegion for all the hard work you do to put these albums together. They are truly an anchor in displaying the brightest and most creative minds of Steemit.

beyond stoked to have another track from you this volume. you are a real blessing to this platform with your skills it's amazing you are really knocking it out the park with what you were def meant to do in this life my friend, much success to you as you progress. I see big things for you. huge love

What an incredible list of esteemed steemian artists to be included with!
I bow before you all.

Congratulations to @wilins! Awesome job on the cover design!

Thanks so much to @soundlegion for compiling these incredible artists into one easy place for listeners to sample original music from around the globe.
Our Steemit platform is richer because of this.

Congratulations AND Blessings and smiles to you all!

Nathan Kaye you are a rock star my friend... I am so glad to have you officially apart of the steemit artists compilation. I couldnt even express accurately what a fantastic find you are. huge ups to you and blessings on your journey my friend you are going many places with those skills and will be touching many lifes, as I am sure you already have and are. stay posted for next weeks official post as i will be dropping the official stock footage clip video and artists spotlights.

By the way @soundlegion, your collab with modern day jesters track is so superb! Just brilliant emotive music and lyrics!
I wish that was on the compilation!

You are on this compilation Side B. There are two sides to volume 5. No way would not include you in this new series.

Yeah, I knew that, hun, (and thanks so much lovely! I am deeply honoured to be on any side at any number).
What I said was that I wish YOU were on this compilation with that awesome collaboration. ;)

ahh I see my friend I was wondering why you said that.. had me confused a min.. haha no worries no worries and yeah should have jumped that one on there, maybe will get that one on the volume 6 comp. huge love to you, your praise on that piece humbles me it was an emotional collab inspirational experience. I got to get a collab in with you at some point, gotta be something fire hot!!

Haha! You also had me stumped for a second, then I worked out what you thought I'd said. hehe... All good!

Yes! Collab should happen! Now that I know you love the melodic vibe it gives me a ballpark we could flow with when the time aligns.
Bliss bless!

Naaaw! Thanks so much, radiant lass!

Well, if I can help make even just a handful of people’s lives, at least temporarily, better with my music, then I am happy.
My philosophy is that, whilst art is an expression of human emotion and experience, art is at its highest intention when it is designed to improve people’s lives. I strive for that. I might not succeed at that lofty goal, but I’ll keep creating my artistic output with that in heart and mind.

It’ll be great to see this stock footage clip! That’s exciting!

Blessings to you, lovely being!

Second time in a row that my song has made the compilation. I feel totally honoured. Thank You so much.

i am so glad to have another track from you to promote you are so talented, i love your voice and your writing skills, fantastic all around. stay tuned next week my friend for the official stock footage music video and also artists spotlights.

Great job my friends ( all the great artists of steemit in this volume) , Thank you again my friend @soundlegion (one of the kindest and greatest people I met in Steemit) this is so great to be in this volume, really thank you for choosing my track,
peace <3

davood it is impossible to express how valuable you are to this community, your talent and songwriting skills are superb, you reach in and grab incredible truths for us all to feel in your music, you are insightful and creative in every way, I love everything you stand for. its such an honor to have you on board again this volume. stay tuned next week for the official stock footage music video and artist spotlights.

I will very childisly say ! I commented first! hahahahah ! :P Thank you for putting this together Bonnie ! will download now and come and chill with it after this long day of work ;) ! congratulations @wilins on the winning album cover ! This day just started off great.

Running to work!

Much Love


pechi!!! you are soo loved my friend, I cant get enough of that incredible soothing voice of yours. thank you so much for your support here on steemit and also lending your talents to the steemit compilation project, it just cant be a steemit artists comp without pechi. huge love to you and stay tuned for next weeks post as I will be presenting the official stock footage music video for this volume and also artist spotlights.

Wow!!! You are truly AMAZING @soundlegion thank you for the all the hard work you’ve put in to this. I’m flattered to be featured here , thank you so much 😊
And congrats to @wilins with the Awsome cover design. ❤️ Much love !!

so first off mate, I loved your cover, for me I love that 80'esk vibe your brought to it so easily could have taken top cover spot mate, def keep bringin us your visuals as we progress and a must with your music, I am such a fan of your work its creative and fresh and you really know how to explore sound. grapevines is a brilliant piece and im honored to not only get to be apart of a track with you but also to showcase your work... totally gonna be more collabs from us in future... huge love to you all day and then some.

Amazing to see my song 'Breathe' on this incredible collection of original artists!
Thanks for your ongoing support @soundlegion and well done to all the other artist on the album!

mr. claxton you are sheer brillance. I have grown fonder and fonder of your and your music as I have listened and followed more and more of your journey here. I am so honored to have you apart of this project and to get to showcase your talents here . stay tuned for next weeks official stock footage video for this volume and also spotlight artists. xx

Honoured to be listed in and among so many friends and talented people...
It is such an honour... I'll be downloading it later on :)
Thanks @soundlegion for your effort doing these compilations and your gentle encouragement to each one of us :)

Missing also some names that I hope submit next time (I almost missed the deadline myself)

it is absolutely awesome to showcase your talent. opening up volume 1 with your incredible track was a must. huge love to you we cant wait to hear and see so much more from you. stay posted for next weeks official stock footage music video for this volume and also artists spotlights

Aww thanks, such an honour :) and thanks for taking the effort to reply so kindly. Sure, looking forward to see the the showreel :)

Wow Top voted! Thank you :)
And congratulations to all the winners. @wilins man, awesome design. Perfect 👏🏼
Thank you so much to @soundlegion @clydemajiklegion and @qrittix for including my track again 🙏🏻✨
S. A. M. C. is gonna blow up 💪🏽
Looking forward to hearing the album 🎶😎

my friend you are awesome. Its an honor to have you on this volume yet again and also showcasing your artwork. having you as our volume 1 and volume 4 cover artist has made good visuals for this compilation, you are gifted in so many areas. what a blessing to have talent such as yours to showcase. be sure to stay posted for next weeks official compilation post as I will be doing the stock footage video and also artists spotlights.

Awesomeness, I can't wait to check out this album. Im gonna have this caravan rockin'... yeah.

shookriya you are so damn cool my friend, love the track you sent in for this volume. totally had to put you as a close leave people with something memorable, nice good taste as you play in those blusy sounds in such a unique way. stay tuned for next weeks post as I will be dropping the official stock footage video for this volume and also spotlight artists.

Don't worry I tune it every day ;)

Thanks so much @soundlegion for putting together this fantastic compilation. It feels so great to be a part of it! You did an awesome job.

I am absolutely charmed by your aura mate, you are a great sound add to this volume huge love to you mista. please stay tuned for next weeks post as I will be presenting the official stock footage video for this volume and also spotlight artists.

Felicitaciones @wilins por la portada, y a todos los músicos incluídos en el track list. Hermoso.

leo molina you are awesome!!! huge love to you and your music mate its brilliant to have you on this volume and showcase your flavor of sound. lovin... stay tuned for next weeks post as I will be presenting the stock footage music video for this volume and also spot light artists.

Wow, I can't believe it. Number 8, (thats the money number) on the flipside. how awesome, I guess that means I am a lyricist, not really but I gotta tell ya all, it was a lot of fun seeing all this happen from the challenge to the first listen, then to actually really being published on an album. I still can not believe it, thank you, and everyone that made it happen, @edprivat, @apolymask, and @charisma777, this really was a fun endeavour thank you all again.

Congrats @bashadow and @edprivat!!!

Thank You for the video, that was great, and the support and everything else you do for all of us. I still love the cover design, sorry you did not win, but I thought it was great, if all the music chosen was in the style of 70's then I am sure it would have been, it fit our song so well I thought.

Hey the win went to the best one in my opinion, there were so many great ones and i believe the judges chose correctly for sure! Plus I had fun just giving it a try!

Yeah, there was a lot of cover designs, 30 they had to choose from, that was a lot. All of them great entries, and would make great album covers, yours still make me think of that song "the lion sleeps tonight" - -"A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh " - - - and of Bruce Cockburns song "Wondering where the Lions are" - - -

"Sun's up, uuh huh, looks okay
The world survives into another day
And I'm thinking about eternity "

So much music and art and so little time in the reality of it all.

@charisma777 did a great job with your video for your track and also loved the cover as well, we had such a wild selection to choose from, could have been so many picks, there were no duds. I love the IFC tune its a great song to showcase on this volume. thanks so much you guys for being awesome on this platform. stay tuned for next weeks official post as I will be dropping the stock footage official music video for volume 5 and spotlight tracks. much love to you

The cover that won was definitely awesome! Gaining a bit more creativity is a win for me 😊 Thanks for encouraging others to share their creativity with the rest of us!

It was certainly a fun thing to do, the whole process. And yeah, glad I was not the one that had to pick the cover, a lot of great ones there.

Woww @Soundlegion thank you very much for support my music. It's an honor for me to be together with all those great musicians.

My respects to all!! salutes and long life to S.A.M.C!!

Thank you so much @clydemajiklegion and @qrittix ! Congratulations to all winner. It's awesome that we have a lot of talent in Steemit! Cheers.

you rock my friend a top cover choice for this volume we love your skills and welcome you anytime

Congrats on the win @wilins the cover art is really awesome! Congrats everyone else who shared their art! Great picks judges!

Congrats to the cover art winners! Time to finally listen to volume 5. :D

@scuzzy you are such a talent i absolutely love your gif work both this time and next, always a shame to not have everyone win. lol especially when you have such an awesome selection to choose from. I hope to see you again in future contests cause your fantastic. huge love to you and thanks for joining us again this volume

Thank you for supporting me .. i'll join your contest every week

you have a fantastic creative eye my friend your cover was brilliant although it didnt win top spot it easily could have, was a hard decision breaking down the official cover. also your track for this volume is wonderful its so amazing to get to promote your work and introduce you as an artist here on the platform with this volume. stay tuned for next weeks official post as i will be doing the official stock footage music video for this volume including your track and also spotlight artists

Congratulations for all! Keep up the god work guys.

The lyrics of the song are so beautiful, the music takes us into the sky with live music feels colorful

Good video and music.

Realy nice . Missed the first 4 Steem Artists Compilations but this is a very cool idea !
Resteemed :D

huge thanks my friend. def lots of talent here, glad to have your support, its a fantastic crew of talent here on openmic with some great sounds

hello friends of Sound Legion, for when there will be a next delivery? a cover 6 ??

we will be jumping into volume 6 end of summer my friend would love to have you onboard. stay tuned :)

Congratulations to all who were on the honorable mention list. Success.

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Sweet! Congrats to all the artists!

I really like what you are doing here, great work everyone and thank you 😊

Also i would like to do a special live show playing this album if that would be ok?

this would be fantastic! I would absolutely need to promote this if you do, hit me a link if you do that would be great, will promote it in one of the nexts volume 5 posts.

Hey hope all is well, i was thinking of doing the show on friday playing the whole album and making a post for it tomoro with the details :)

Thanks so much ! I'm very excited and happy because it's an honor be included in this volume 5. Independent music production is a huge industry, we have to support all artist who need to share his talent. All blessings

Excellent contest I would like to have a lot of talent to be able to participate. A big hello to you @soundlegion

What a fantastic stuff!! Congrats @wiilins and all people in this precious world of music!!