"This Ain't Nothing Like A Love Song, Babyyy!" - Get Your Dancing Shoes Ready! I'm Revealing The Unreckoned Playlist Of My iPhone 🎧

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Music is the universal language of mankind. - Hendry Wadsworth Longfellow

Yet there are infinite shapes of that language.

Probably my own playlist will surprise you. It neither uses the popular chliché about surfers nor fits in other stereotypes you may associate with the lifestyle I share in my blog.

Supposedly you'd expect some reggae tones or powerful rock songs - like the ones I shared in my surf videos -, but the themes that really make my @ss shake are a bit different...

Thanks to @mindseye-music who inspired me to provide you with the insight 😉

Now get your headphones and dancing shoes ready! 🎧

@surfermaly listening to her favourite song

This ain't nothing like a surfer's playlist!

In order to confirm the popular chliché, I guess I'd need to have lots of Bob Marley songs in my playlist.

But guess what: there's not only one.

When it comes to music, I've got a really special taste. Hopefully I won't lose a considerable part of my followers uncovering the shameful truth now - haha!

Here we go: I love commercial popsongs! Outch!!! 😲

And to make it even worse: whenever I discover a new treasure, I tend to hear that one song in an endless loop until I stumble upon a new one.

So basically my daily playlist consists of one single song.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that this peculiarity led to some realationship break-ups in the past, but I think it wasn't very contributive to my liaisons either. If the other person in the room can't stand the song you're playing over and over again, then you need some really good arguments to keep the loop going anyways.

But enough talking: I'll let you have a look into my playlist now.

Currently I can't stop dancing to this one here!

I guess this is what you get
Throwing pebbles in the ocean, yeah
Watching ripples as they spread
Turning to waves and come back again
Over your head

In fact my playlist is rather a dancer's list

According to the reports from my parents, I've loved to dance my whole life.

At family events it was me who suddenly stepped into the middle of the room in order to start performing in front of the whole crowd. Apparently, besides suffering from the dancing bug I've also never had a real problem in acting the fool :-)

Now the songs that animated me to dance back at the age of 5 obviously were a bit different from those I like to play today. Yet, there's one common denominator that hasn't changed:

To me music is 100% fun!

If I had to define one characteristic of a good song, then this would be: providing good vibes.

The songs in my playlist are those I listen to when I'm driving towards the beach, so I definitely want them to be motivative.

Very often I keep singing my favourite song in the water. Maybe that's why I've never been attacked by a shark so far - they leave whenever they hear me 😄

Et voilá: A snapshot of my vacation playlist - I bet you didn't expect it to be like this!

Do any of these songs match with your own playlist?

Also if there's any song you'd like to recommend me to include here: please feel free to let me know!

The comments section is yours 🙂

Much love,
Marly -

PS: It was Dennis @dboontje who recently asked me

Can you give me some details about what your dance will look like?
Who knows... maybe my next video will be a dance session instead of a surf session 😛

Thanks for your valuable time!
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When words fail, music speaks. - Shakespeare

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You should ad Dancing by Kylie Minogue.

I have all of them in my playlists! :)

Then I'd say you have an excellent taste - haha :-))

I have tons of good music and bad music since I am a DJ! :) But your music is good!

Thanks!! :-))

haha!! Super RAD playlist @surfermarly! Be sure to bring it when you come for dinner lol ;) oh and while you are at it you should.... enter my #trackoftheday hehe :)

Haha, I could bring a singer to the dinner then he'd play live for us, what do you think? :-))
Just checked #trackoftheday, I had no idea that tag was even used. Very cool!

(delayed reaction sorry) haha - but YES!!! Eeeexcellent plan!! :)

Wow !!
Without music life is pain... Your music playlist song are also my favourite but waiting all night is my best loving song... @surfermarly...

Waiting All Night is one of my favourites. Two years ago I was backstage at a concert with Rudimental, and this is surely an event I'll never forget in my life. So everytime I put on that song, I travel back to that point in time in my memories :-)

Hola amiga, no esperaba estas cosas de usted, desde ahora empezare a seguir a la amiga @mindseye-music tambien :D esas músicas son un poco distinta al genero que escucho pero de igual forma son muy buenas, saludos :D

La amiga @mindseye-music es un amigo! Jajaja
Házlo, él tiene unas compilaciones super chulas de música electrónica, trance, etc.
Buen día, José!

Ho lo siento, el amigo* lo haré amiga, que tengas un buen día tu también :D

Love this, Marly. Music is my heart and soul... I like some of what I've herd so far of your playlist. I do the same and tend to loop a ton of times a new song I may run across too and like; and the top songs rarely do it for me as well. BTW, I decided to do piece out on New World Currency - May 16, 2018? and if you get a chance, I'd be curious what your thoughts may be on it. Anyway, take care.

My music if you don’t mind lol. But I’m serious tho. My song

great music never stop even in our mind

Hi Surfermarly, Can I re-steem your post?

Haha, of course you can! :-)

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Music change our mind . Whatever we have tense when we hear music we feel everything is ok. It is power of music.

Song very wonderful and very large well published

You're right I was surprised by your list... I imagined you listening to reggae music all day... Well I confess that I'm like you if I like a song I listen to it until a new one arrives and the cycle starts again! Hahaha

Great Idea sharing your playlist! But am I missing the share link? 😉

Loving music,my turntable is always playing when I'm at home.
The surprise of your playlist screenshot for me is Girls aloud 🎉

I wake up and go to bed with music.
It's a different dynamic if you're accompanied by some great sounds :-)

I am in love with this playlist, it's really helpful for a good sensation and a simple workout session. @surfermarly, try listening to: Saturday sun by Vance Joy. Thanks again for your thoughtful post!!!

Sweet! Thanks for the compliment and recommendation :-)
Just listened to Vance Joy and enjoyed it much!

Holy molly! This is amazing!

You should check our musicians page out: https://volareo.live/musicians/

Hello mermaid !! I am more than music in Spanish and romantic ... Music is the universal language of the soul and I like to know what it says, because I understand English by translators.

Rudimental are pretty cool! I saw them live once, they put up quite a show!
Oh, and you're welcome of course! :) for the playlist-sharing-on-Steemit suggestion ;p

Yeah, I saw them, too! They're pretty amazing.

thanks a lot, your playlist was good.
some of them was motivation
la la la la la

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