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I wrote this song as a monthsary gift for my girlfriend @aranasgail. It's not much, but it's all that I've got.


Time, you came in just in time
This time I didn’t have to stowaway from home

Mine, I can’t believe you’re mine
Still can’t believe how you set me from
my darkest nights

Love I’m wondering what’s love
I’m curious about what’s wrong and right
Will I be fine?

Life, I was scared about this life
scared about things that pass too fast
would I be fine?

Fine, I’m glad that we are fine
I can’t believe that a month has passed
And we’re just fine

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@tailslide go....go.....go....ikaw ay singer

Tabla man sad ta anang styla ngets😂

apil openmic go ni @luzcypher iupvote ka nila then basta orig. compo kay naay steem nga ihatag

Cge2x go. Tnx

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