'Sin Paw 404 Vol​.​1' [June 2020] 白蚁.

in #music10 months ago

sin paw room.jpg

THIS ... is ... ... Sin Paw 404 on the SP-404!! 白蚁.
Stream and/or download for free here:
Experiments. 白蚁.

The Roland SP-404 Sampling Workstation is a discontinued sampler made by Roland Corporation. Released in 2005. It is part of the SP family and successor to Boss Corporation's SP-505 sampler left off. The sampler was succeeded by the SP-555 in 2008, but was later given its own upgrade as the Roland SP-404SX Linear Wave Sampler in 2009. Another upgrade, the Roland SP-404A Linear Wave Sampler was released in 2017.


Broadcasting from deep beneath the matrix. 白蚁.




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