Willy G - 'comin thru, wake up 2021' [ Prod. TERMITE ] 白蚁.

in #music3 months ago

Ladies and Gentlemen.
This man needs no introduction on a platform such as this ....
... Cypher Jam Druid, King of critical thinkers and spiritual wizardry...

WILLY G!!! AKA @scribblingwilly

Lets get set ....

Peace and enjoy.





Wow! I think this is the best collab you've done so far! The video is perfect too.

YO!!!!!!!!!!!! Big up bruv!!!
Did u make it over here by the way?

No idea what I'm doing on there bro, don't even know what it is lol.

so ... a while back steem blockchain forked/split between steemit and hive. Theyre 2 diff currencies now, but any steem on here was replicated on hive, I aint gonna pretend i know how it works!! haha, but u basicly got hive tokens there that are yours!! (same login pw as steemit)

Ah ok I was totally oblivious to that. See NFTs are starting to pop too. Not sure what to make of it all. These days I just create a song once in a while and post it on Insta. Where are you posting?

just did another cypher jam on hive. other than that im everywhere and nowhere!!!

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