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Let me begin with a small short rant...
Haha just kidding.

We see enough of those. Today is a blessed moment and the perfect day to tell the world about my latest creative production. I have been working on a new song this month and decided that the best way to promote it would be to create a video for it.

My goal looks like this, if I can create music in my apartment that I would like to share with the world via spotify and other streaming services then that is great. It's just really hard getting people to listen to your music without playing gigs these days. So occasionally I will go out and busk in the subway etc..
I want to create the music and the videos to build an audience. This is my latest fruit from the tree I am growing..

Hope you enjoy it.

Would love to find out what people think of it without me explaining the meaning.


The Internet gave an opportunity to musicians, but in the end the revenue model is the same as before Internet; A few get most of the attention and earn the most of the money spend on music. Hence, the longest available business model is to be applied by most musicians: Performing.

The tools have radically transformed too. Imagine the Beatles as teenagers when electric guitars and amps were just beginning to be manufactured at an affordable (somewhat) price. Compare with now, the multitude of software and hardware components we have at our fingertips including video editing and a huge library of clips to create audio and video. The discipline is still required but the amount of technology (including instruments as tech) and techniques to learn has exponentially increased. Add to that the business sense needed to make money from it, for example marketing techniques etc, it's a big big world and Artist have just recently been given incredible power-ups that we haven't fully mastered yet.

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