Monthly Video Time! A pledge for 2020 and beyond

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Hey dear Steemians!

It's been three weeks since our last post and a lot has been going on behind the scenes during that time. . You see, the past years we were on the road so much, that we felt like we lost a little bit of our "creative" mojo. That's why we are making a pledge this year to release a new video each month - and write a new song (or 2!) each month to release to the world. We will plan to TOUR significantly less this year, spending more time in different places - exploring and connecting with people. Basically, we want to go back to the thing that makes us Trouble and refocus on our music and storytelling.

That brings us to the second exciting bit of news! Last year we had shared a few videos of a beautiful long haired man, Stefan Bielik, who joined us for a few shows on the bass. Stefan is an old friend of our group, having run in the same musical circle as us dating all the way back to our first years in Berlin. He was the primary bassist of a band called "The Sunpilots", a rock group from Australia who had long been active in Europe and were dear friends of ours. Over the years, we had always flirted with the idea of playing with one another and now that The Sunpilots are no longer active (due to health concerns from the singer), we have decided to present Stefan the opportunity to play with us more frequently throughout the year. Stefan is a creative soul with a passion for music. He has a wanderlust like us and just an overall lovely personality. Writing music with him has been wonderful this past month and he has already begun to integrate himself into the Trouble life. How this will continue to develop remains to be seen, but for now we are excited to have him on stage and in the studio with us this year (though he will be unable to join us in the US next month). Last night we played a fully "surprise" improvise set in a bar in Aix-en-Provence and people went absolutely crazy!!! There is a strong connection between us that bodes well for future music.

With all this in mind, we have decided to start a monthly video series where we produce a new video with a new song each month! This will push us to be creative and return to the thing we love: writing music for our Troublemakers! We intend to dedicate this entire year to the creation of new music and these videos, something we want to use to increase our notoriety and spread the Trouble to each corner of the world. We want to once again become known for making awesome videos that people can enjoy and help tell more stories and connect people and their cultures through our music!

The first video is of a song we call "SOLA". It was first written last year, but has taken a new energy and form since the addition of Stefan on bass. We hope you enjoy it!



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Thanks guys for making music and for sharing it. Creativity and professionalism is unquestionable. On any platform they use to project their great creations they will have receptivity.
I don't know if there was improvisation here but they really are wonderful. The violin is magical!
Thank you, thank you very much for this musical moment @thetroublenotes

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