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I decided to join the steemit community and write a line or two about myself. I know this is the right time to say something interesting, super smart and funny to break the ice and get your attention, but unfortunately, I have nothing stored up my sleeve :P

Well, here we go anyway.....

I am a total noob about crypto, blogs, Fb,Yt, twitter, and all that techy stuff in general so hopefully, people won't judge me for my virtual knowledge but for my passion; COMPOSING

My music "career" started when I was about 10 or 11, when for the first time in my life I listened to the great fifth symphony of L.V. Beethoven, the macabre 4 notes at the beginning describing fate knocking on your door, a catchy rhythm, the strikingly dramatic wonderful shades of orchestral color perfectly balanced in a beautiful melody that once u hear it, it cannot be forgotten. A true genius and a legacy to the classical genre that forever changed my way of listening to music............

and then it hit me,

"If he can do it, so do I" i said to myself :)

How naive, arrogant and uneducated I was, thinking that my dream would soon become a reality, been able to write that "perfect" piece of music, that one day could change and enrich someone else's lives with a warm and nice listening experience. Of course, time passed and I soon realized the inevitable; that I am just a little worm at the bottom of the sea, that is trying to survive and crawl back to the top of the food chain :)


Thankfully to crypto and steemit, people like me have a chance to show and share some original work and to be appreciated for it. So, thank u steemit for giving me a chance to spread my music to the word.

Now u are probably bored by reading about my traumatic past so let's proceed to the more pleasurable part of the introduction. Take a cup of tea or red wine, or w/e u like when u are relaxing.

The following composition is called Oblivion (and no, it is not Astor Piazzolla's Oblivion). It is still a work in progress, a very intimate and dark piece of music that originated more than 10 years ago. I totally forgot about it until recently, when I accidentally bumped in it on my old pc and decided to rewrite it. Guess I wasn't satisfied back then and needed time to mature up.

Here we go (i hope this works);

Ps; Sry for my bad English, I haven't written since high school(thank god for the autocorrect thingy :)). Hey, by the way, what is this power up 100% thingy at the right bottom of the corner ????


A warm welcome to you!

The way to get connected with other musicians like you and I, is to submit some music to the #openmic (use the keyword to explore what it is all about): you play in front of a camera, and you post. Comment also on other people's work and interact.

The little power up box you mention in the post page is to choose how to get paid for your contributions. 100% SteemPower or 50%SBD, 50% SP.

At today's rate, it is much more profitable to choose the 50/50 option. See a tutorial video I made recently about that :

I read your intro: you will fit very well on this platform, and very soon feel comfortable here in this new world. So again, a warm welcome.

Wow, Thanks for the reply and the 50/50 thingy mistery :)

Welcome. We need more composers on Steemit.

Thank you !

My love for music makes me anticipate more of your post, you've got great content, being a composer is not a day's job, i hope you keep going higher and more inspiration for more music

Thank you for the kind words, will keep adding similar content in the near future :)

Welcome to steemit! You should add the tag #introduceyourself :) it is a sort of tradition when you, well off course, introduce yourself to the steemit community haha. I am curious to your future posts

Thank you...still learning in this new big world :)

Great introduction!
I will try to listen to your music every time you share a piece.
All the Best!

Thank you, will post some new material soon (1 week or 2)

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