Since i became a celebrity......(part1)

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Hello, fellow steeminians!

As a little personal celebration for my previous blog,
I would like to give the steemit community a small gift and a big thank you for showing me your support.

Today's storyline is the beginning of a new 3-part arc that follows the events in my previous article. Here, i will try to explain how fame and success corrupted my heart (which is evident from my evil beard) and unveil my war plan on how to achieve it :)

For all the people that are here just for the music watch the video below..........but u should definitely read this awesome article.........Press play and let the music lead u till the end. Just remember to follow the timeline and have fun :)

What? U were disgusted and at the same time intrigued by the title so u said to yourself; "Oh look, there is an idiot that is trying to do a social suicide? This should be interesting enough. Let's grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!!!!!"
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Let's BEGIN WITH THE WANKING! (or how would my Italian friends say) MONTATI LA TESTA TOMI!!


Since i became a popular crypto millionaire superstar celebrity genius, my life has changed.
Money is not an issue anymore (which is evidently displayed by the crazy numbers of ferns in the video) and now, as planned I get drugs for free. The biggest current problem is my own popularity. It is like everyone is obsessed with me, take a selfie, a picture, sign an autograph here and there, ladies are eager to rip my clothes off encouraging me to become a sperm donor.... Yes life is hard.

I remember, there was a time i was happy to receive an email and 1 sms. It was the bestest birthday ever. But now i have to hide from the plebes, in disguise guarded by 4 bodyguards constantly watching over me. But since i became a cryptomiliotrilliobilionaire superstar worldwide known celebrity genius i can finally live the life i deserve. And i am not talking about a simple castle with a dragon;

w8it for comes the dragon.....giphy (8).gif

I am talking really BIG, like extravagantly beyond your dreams big. I am talking about buying an island big and owning a personal reality TV-MOBA show big!!!!




As being a very loved, charismatic leader and an attractive philanthropist i decided to fund my own religion. The primary goal was to find little to no talented simpletons which could fuel and feed my abysmally disproportional ego by easily impressing them with my virtuosity. The results were impressive.

The Church of Saint Jesus The Guitar God

I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU
giphy (11).gif
to @lk666 for casually pointing out; the obvious resemblance between me and one of my proteges which recently achieved quite a bit of popularity (obviously due to my influence). Although he skipped many classes in harmony he became a master in the use of chord, rhitm minimalism and reverb experimentation.


giphy (4).gif

After THE BIGGESTEST REVELATION in my previous article
about her husband and his social demise, Kim sought enlightenment and inspiration so of course we became very close friends. She devoted herself completely to my religion and decided that now it is the time to redeem herself to the world and accept me as her saviour. She made a vote not to wear any makeup, wash every day, stop being a hobbit and go vegan. Kim is such a beautiful person and a very humble, misunderstood and underrated adult movie actress.

giphy (12).gif

Since i became a superstar celebrity cryptomiliotrilliobilionaire superstar worldwide known celebrity genius, superstar,

I and Zacky became buddies. Drinking all nights, gambling, partying with wholesome girls, exploring new comedy genre, creating our own fantasy worlds where we are the Goku of the story.



U knew there was a butt incoming.....didn't u?

Well here it is.....

giphy (1).gif

And i can get away with it coz i am a a popular superstar, cryptomillitrilliobilionaire, worldwide known celebrity and u love me.......


What was i saying?

Oh, yeah right......


Since I inspired Zacky to create his own version off my Between One Fern franchise,
he became completely obsessed with me. Undeniable proof of his fanaticism can be found in the video below, where he made the whole episode revolving around me, trying to impress his old buddy. He openly admits it in the video at 2:21 !!!!!!

giphy (13).gif

I have no more desire to repeat those unholy days,.....i am still overcoming my drug addiction problem.


Now u would say; "but Tomista where are your group members? Why aren't they a part of your totaly real and trustworthy entourage?

Well, in time i discovered the disadvantages of being a popular writer superstar worldwide known celebrity cryptomillitrilliobilionaire omega level that the people around u became jealous of your success. With envy bloody eyes looking down on u with hate and disgust, blaming u for stealing their work and ideas.

a)The Cajonist
After realising my band's evil intent to take over the show i made some very necessary disciplinary actions. So i promised my Cajonist if he survives the Hangover Games(remember my reality TV-MOBA show) i will think about letting him back in my
I have a funny feeling we won't be seeing him again....

b)The Slave
After hiring my cellist, giving her a job and a home with a functional toilet so she can feed her 5 kids and an alcoholic husband, not to mention a once in a lifetime opportunity to collaborate with such a super megastar artist as myself, she decides to broke my heart and joins my Cajonist's evil plot. As a reward for her evilness, I decided to fire her, throw the kids and the husband to some genetically engineered monster and send her to that island that i just casually bought for her as punishment.

The Island

The island is a very strange, mystic place where common sense and logic wont help u survive it. There are this weird group of people called "the others" and a black smoke monster that is trying to kill everyone butt

has a plan!

And then there is a hatch with a room with a computer with a button and a code that u have to enter and press every 90 minutes or the whole thing would just blow up.....that lost island.
I know that island very well, I am the one and only survivor of it, lost 170 pounds since then, gone bald, no more perfect long, curly, shiny brown hair........



.....If she miraculously escapes i will consider the possibility of granting her an audition.


Everything that has a beginning... ...has an end, Sam

I remember there was a time , long, long .... very long, long ago that no one knew about me. My steemit posts didn't receive any upvotes nor acknowledgement from the community and my unbelievably awesome content went almost extinct. Forgotten, defeated and buried in despair i had to come out with an idea on how to avenge myself and step up my game on a whole new level. This is the beginning of my perfect evil mastermind war plan......

Part 2 in a few weeks...

Ps; Sry guys, no story timelines for u today, i am a lazy celebrity :)
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🤣🤣🤣🤣 are you crazy man, very good 🤣🤣🤣🤣

This is not crazy,, crazy is coming in part 2 :)

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