Jamaica Patois

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Jamaica Patois is widely known internationally because of reggae and dance hall music. It is a derivative of the English language having a combination of Creole language. It was said to be developed by the presence of slaves and slave owner. The language has its histroy from the fact that slave owners were trying to separate the slaves from communicating and planning a coup.

Patois is from a French word which means region language or dialect. While Jamaica's official language is English, Patois is still widely spoken.

Some few examples of English and its Patois form is;

sombody | sumbodi

money | moni

market | maakit

with | wid

I am sure many can relate to this

The Patois of Let me tell you something is Mek me tel yu somting

I do understand some of the Patois becasue it has a stint of Pidgin, which I am familair with

The video did a very good explanation of the Jamaica Patois.

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Ah yes patois ! African roots in the language, we all from the motherland. Bless up bredda

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Yes bredda. Thanks. Have a great week ahead.

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