Deep House from Switzerland - Introducing Nora En Pure

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Deep House from Switzerland

Hiya guys - some House today even it is Techno Friday - simply because I am a fan of all electronic music and hate that silo thinking to define the specs of every sub genre :-) - let me introduce a DJane from Switzerland, Nora actually is South-African / Swiss - very interesting combination. Here she plays a lovely Deep House set in Gstaad - a place most probably only know covered with snow.

Nora - who is she?

Born as Daniela Di Lillo Nora is the typical Swiss musician playing in the Alps, but not with these long horns but with turntables as DJ and producer of deep house sounds. Some might know her from her chart breaker "Come With Me" (top of the post) - I personally love the most Bartok which you can listen to below:

Her sounds is unique and a mix of tribal influence from South Africa with typical Swiss and Techno melodic sounds. I am a fan, now! Some of my friends from the UK might hear some known parts of a Spandau Ballet track in her single "Saltwater" - melodic Electronic Music at its best in my view.


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