My latest track from my oldest love / DnB + Jazz /// NEON SCARAB

in #musiclast year (edited)


BOOM! Quarantine sucks. Bill Gates is a criminal psychopath that wants to vaccinate your children with nano-particles and fry their brains with 5g. Do you want Windows 95 in your body? That would be stupid dumb. If you think I am crazy it's because you watch too much TV.

Also if I was crazy, would I be able to record, produce and play all the instruments in this uplifting, laced with vintage sonority, yet new form, drum and bass jazz piece?
Maybe... but that is beside the point.

I recorded this one this week and you should listen if you know what's good for you. Much blessings, stay safe and don't buy the lies, you should know better.


The song is awesome! Love your marriage of DnB and Jazz! Whoo hooo! 💃🏼

Thank you really kind! See you on the HIVE blockchain.