Strictly Prohibited Thank You

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I have avoided crowds and rush hours since forever.
I have always been good at social distancing, nobody needed to ask me to do so.
That's my natural state. Today I needed to go around to run some errands and let me tell you, we are here. Dystopian world, hyper inflation in progress, I got questioned before I could walk into the post office. I hate all of it. Freedom is an abstract concept at this point in time.
The evil of this world has a strong grip on the masses psyche and it makes me sad that I can't wake them up. It's all a lie. All of it. Enjoy some directives about your strictly prohibited life which I just recorded now.

Strictly Prohibited Thank You

Please remember to wash your hands often
Stay home if you are sick
And practice good social separation of at least six feet
When possible
Strictly Prohibited Thank You
Strictly Prohibited Thank You

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I always knew you were anti-social! lol
Stay safe:)

Not anti-social that much. I don't like any kind of oppression that is more my point :P
You have to comment on Hive from now on and let this oppressive blockchain behind. See you on the other side brother.