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****Hellooo I'm already back with a bunch of review articles !! After a long time not ngapdet this blog I finally 'tempted' to write back because of NCT U hahaha! Yep, after a long time tease fans with so many teaser they finally debut.****

As already touted before, NCT will debut with approximately 40 members. And NCT U is the first sub unit to debut under the banner of NCT. There are 6 members who joined in the unit NCT U, namely Taeyong, Taeil, Mark, Ten, Doyoung and Jaehyun instead Ahn Jaehyun who are going to marry again, is not it. I'm pretty surprise with a member from Thailand, Ten's name. Setau I just this time BC mendebutkan member from Thailand, handsome as well.

NCT U ngerilis two MV on their debut. You can check the 'Without You' review here. Tbh I prefer the same MV 'Without You' instead of 'The 7th Sense'. But he said, this song has its own 'philosophy' that depicts NCT's 'seventh sense' in the field of dance. Sixth sense is not the era ya bok. The front tilt will probably have eight or nine senses. Ah well, it seems like I started lapers. Continue to review only.


This MV is pretty simple for the size of the MV debut yes. The members perform in a fairly orange colored set, then move from one se to another set and display their members one by one. The concept emang old song really, but not with the song.

This song carries the genre hiphop with rapp part that quite a lot. If first the rapper SM has a characteristic with his ngerapp style flat, NCT U seems a bit violent nih chingu. I salute the same Ten who in fact is a Thai but can ngerapp pake Korean language so smoothly. Taeyong with Mark rappnya also good. Third main / lead vocals are also cool and cool all of them, not a single member who ride through doang or goto part just a piece like Irene and Yeri fate in Red Velvet.

Why do not I bring Red Velvet here because I'm still maddened by sharing their part in 'One of These Night' which is very kid-tearing Yeri and Irene. Ah it's so why I'm so vague not clear here hahaha.

Nothing new in this MV. As usual, the members were told to ngedance in a set, then take turns on screen with their own gimik, mingling again in one set and so on. Just one rather seer, the double exposure effect now emang ngehits really, plus the selection of vibrant colors that make eyes literate.

Uh, why are their faces on the likes of the previous idol huh? Is it because the angle picking that happened to 'fit'? xD Anything like me?


This song is different from other SM songs. Hip Hop nuance is very thick from the beginning to the end of the song. But if I say the song is rather monotonous, they just ngerapp sing again, ngerapp sing again. Perhaps because of the tastes of many different people who also said the song really really even the best among all artist-asrtis SM debut song. What do you think?

Apart from the song that sounded monotonous, I have to say if SM already brave enough to make this concept, such a nice try. Between the senior group and the rookie group the concept is different and quite contrasting. If anyone says NCT is the new EXO, do not hurt dong if I say EXO is the 2nd Super Junior? So, enjoy their works without having to cool between groups. Yet their boss is still both Lee Soo Man. The problem of who will last longer, it's just fortune each.


Throughout the song, I can only lyrics to open your eyes, open open your eyes. In fact I glance dengernya kayak 'open your rice' or 'open your rise' xD. Either my ears are wrong or emang they ngucapinnya so xD Maybe this is a typical song that must be heard repeated.

In this cold world, I’m closing my eyes
Laying down in bed, covering my ears
Yesterday is today, today is yesterday
I’m only filled with late self-guilt
We’ll take it slow
Baby baby We’ll take it slow oh
In the same dream
I hear a familiar song that calls to me
It connects us
It wraps around me, hate is on me
Each day repeats but it’s okay
I’m walking on top of a deep darkness
Look at what’s real that’s hidden over there

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