The Most Strange Music in a Creative World

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Music is a tone composed so much that it has the content of rhythm, songs, and especially the tone that is made of the tools that can produce rhythm Although music is a kind of intuition phenomenon, to create, make improvements and present it is one form of art.

Music was first discovered by a Muslim named Al Farabi and his full name Abu Nasr Muhammad bin Tarkhan bin Uzlag Al Farabi.

He was born in Wasij Village, Transoxiana on th. 870 M.

He is a music expert and who has found Not Music.

In the world of music Al Farabi so clever play a musical instrument and has made a variety of musical instruments and make the sound of arab music that existed until now.

This discovery he wrote in the book al-Musiq al-Kabir namely a book about music. A book about basic music knowledge that has become a reference music for Western Classic Music changes.
Al-Farabi writes that music can create a feeling of calm and comfort. Music can also affect morals, regulate emotions, and treat illnesses. Like when we are sad. Listening to music is the most entertaining thing. Therefore for al-Farabi music can be a therapeutic tool. For music is the one that comes out of the human heart in capturing a beautiful tone.

The music is divided into various types of musical flow that spread in all the world, and in fact between the types of music there is also have a strange type of music when we listen to it, what are the strange type of music .... ???


Coming from the Dominican Republic and found the first time in the 20th century. This type of musical flow spread in rural Rep. Dominica and spread beyond the Latin American side.
This type of music itself tells of broken hearts and sadness, generally always followed by a special dance that makes this type of music weird for anyone who looked at it.


Created for the first time by artist Steve Roden. This music tells of tranquility with a strange vocal tone. This music is so fit to be heard before sleeping.


Mathcore stands for mathematicalcore called progressive jazz, jazz, hardcore refers to a metalcore element. the band that carries this genre is dillinger escape plan, protest the hero.
Mathcore is also commonly referred to as technical metal, technical hardcore and math metal that require high-level music skil technique.


a combination of disco music with futuristic, tone and visual topics, a genre as popular in the late 1970s. The main idea of ​​this genre of music is if from the exploration of space wonders by humans, as well as many bands often wear robot form, Laser lighting and computer monitor sequences in their live performances. Artists themselves often wear clothes through the way inspired by glam rock and futuristic fashion.


Coming from a Russian country, this type of Music is often associated with criminal acts. This music is often referred to as Music Criminals.