Music for Dreams #11 Ash Ra - New Age Of Earth (Full Album 1976)

in #music3 years ago

I invite you to join me on this journey of dreams
Lets create a giant archive
A music trail of infinite dreams
You are very welcome to post in comments any songs or albums that make you wander .. wonder the universe



This is my one . 😍😍


sounds great :) synthilicious, dreamy vocals & cool grove. thanks for the share @blanchy ! Love it ❤
don't mind me posting the youtube link :

keep dreaming friend

That whole album is a masterpiece!

buying it now ! will defo be featuring it on my future mixtapes ..
haha just checking them out, they are like the dream boy band. Epic !

Yeah they are laid back Aussies! Genius’s . Got into them a couple of years back. Glad you like them . 😀😀.



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