Please Have a Listen to my Tracks on Dsound

in #music3 years ago (edited)

Here is my music on Dsound :!/@wallpaperflower

You are free to download it & use it in your work (please let me know if you do).
All these tracks are on all the major digital platforms to buy but I never a made a penny out of them but allowed the profits to support the labels that released them.

I hope you like them & if you do Dance with me :)


Hey there! You just received an upvote from me! Your original music is DOPE and I would like to invite you to join my contest for a chance to win 5 SBD. Here is the link:

Thanks @kurticatura. Hopefully I can join :) Let's see what happens

wenn dsound jetzt noch ohne probs funzen würde^^
abbruch nach 6 Sekunden. hab vermutlich zu viele Sachen offen. werde später definitiv noch reinhören!

Hi @miela unfortunately I don't read german. Could you let me know in english ?

I'm sorry my dear :).
Just said, if dsound would only function without problems (in slang German). It ended after the first 6 seconds after a try. I assumed it might be because I was using to many programs on my computer at the same time. I also said I'm gonna listen later.

I like the second song!
And by the way in the (German; sorry :D) article where I mentioned you and your song just a moment ago, I only said, it helped me lighten up my mood and I liked the second song more than the first :).

Ah ok @Miela! haha for the slang german, I lived in Berlin .. but speak only kinder deutsch.. entschuldigen. I hope the rest works for you. I hear many have problems with dsound & it is a Mercury retrograde ;) I am happy to hear it lightened your mood .. Thanks :))

thanks for the resteem :)

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