Secrets of Bohemia, a film

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Simply Amazing
The Animation is Great
The Music Permeates

I am posting an album film animation of a dear friend musician Altai Lelio with whom I collaborate on music projects.

Please take the time to watch & listen .. Sweet journey!


Are you on vocals here @wallpaperflower? Like the melody

no not me !! nice to hear ! Hope all is well with you in the land of Eiru !!

i'll take that time for sure,,, at the moment seems so beauty so congrats to your friend :) have a great week wallpaper! :)

thanks :) yes the clay/ drawings are nice on the eye

sure they are! :) i'm having some problems on Dsound with your music.... just could listen the first one :( i'll try later again, have a nice day wallpaper! :)

thank you for this, I have been watching it a little yesterday and today, it is hard to get a lot of time with the kids but it is really lovely, sweet journey indeed xx

welcome hon :) yeah it is more adult orientated ... but nevertheless the music and clay/drawings are lovely