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RE: Sound Legion Presents Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 5 - Official Track List - Cover Art Winners - Album Download

in #music4 years ago

This fills me with absolute happiness! I love them very much. Thanks for giving so much value to my work. All the entries were beautiful. All with a lot of talent and that's why I want to congratulate all the participants. Ty, beatiful Shavon @soundlegion. I love u.
My heart is with you and with your efforts to make this platform sound at a high volume! Ty, everyone.


It's a lovely cover art... congratulations and thanks on the behalf of the musicians too! :)

It is an honor to get to promote your talents my friend, you are an incredible sound artists and visual artist this was a great cover, and to have you on both cover and in the compilation is fantastic. huge love to you, stay tuned for next weeks post i will be doing artists spotlights and the official track clip stock footage music video for this volume. much much love wilins you are sheer light and inspiration.

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