Steemit Tokens related to music, quick analysis.

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Hello Steemit,

We followed for a few days the main Steemit Tokens related to Music, not all, but some. Some are also related to art in general, elsewhere.

Our observation is a little disappointing, in fact:
Volume in 24h, near 0.
Value, near 0.
Usefulness, 0.

An exception with the ATOM Token from @AtomCollector (Atom Collector Records), which offers real possibilities of use: music streaming, upvotes, NFTs indie music related Cards, even goods, etc. Real goods! A good start!

A virtual currency only really has value if you can use it.

When friends send beer, coffee, gif, and whatever, just for fun here on Steemit, the Token already has a use. Fun Tokens? But it works, the concept works!

We would like to see many more useful Tokens!

Do you have any recommendations on this subject? Which Tokens seem useful to you?

Be careful, don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming anyone. Everyone is free to launch a token, if only to try out the concept. Experimenting.

All the best, Woodoo Prod.


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I love #ATOM token and @atomcollector records community. The platform has a good system for musicians to showcase their music by using ATOM to buy credits, there is great music on the site, and the ACR fam are an awesome bunch of lads.
#Jahm token seems to be useful too and the community seems quite active and @luciannagy is working on his own project with #lnbt token. I believe he's still developing the concept. Those are the ones I've read about.

Thank you for the kind comments!

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FUN tokens we can use more of. You may launch one to give to those blogging about or blogging their own musical creations and give rights to those who can hand them out (those you trust in one or the other way). Musicians can use the token to create some music for someone requesting it?