"Hey, Mr Trump" song from my Chelyabinsk friends.

in #music5 years ago

With the presidential elections over, now might be a good time to post this song made by my friends. Who are a bit pro Trump, but as Frank Zappa said, are actually "only in it for the money".

While I am neither Hillary, nor Trump supporter, it was a fun project in the late winter/early spring of this year. I turned some of the ideas they had for a text of the song into what you can see on the video. Oh, and I also worked a bit on the boy's pronounciation, which was a bit worse before. At some point we decided that such improvement was enough to leave quite a Russian accent flair.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy. I was a bit busy working on getting to SteemFest, and some other things, but I'll be getting back to posting regularly soon. While the big posts I've talked about are on the backburner for now I'll post some travel updates. Me & @anasya are going to Amsterdam first thing in the morning tomorrow, and hopefully will be there just in time to get our badges/bracelets!

See you at SteemFest!


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Thats nice to know, thanks!