"Leaves Never settle in the Wind" Autumn Incantation (Song and Video filmed this Fall)

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New original Celtic song inspired by Autumn that belongs to the series "Incantations". Autumn is one of the most romantic seasons... the colours, the misty mornings, the productive working days indoors, sipping hot tea while it rains outside... It has always moved and inspired me. What's your favourite thing of Autumn?

Above: new music video click play to listen while you read :)

I know I post only scarcely lately but these take me long time, more now that my computer is so outdated, so I literally took almost a month since last video (last post) to get this done! :) It's funny and I find it warm that every time I post all my fellows here say, welcome back! but I'm not gone, I just post slowly ;-) wink... I may have a few things in a row now but I share as they come! :)

Leaves never settle in the Wind_GIF_00000660.gif

I have been quiet but working on several things at the same time :) and here is the first treat :) for you!
This is a new song inspired by Autumn and the Fall Season.
Music, lyrics and and all instruments by myself except for percussion by @hedac

One of my most popular songs is "I steal the leaves" with a marked seasonal tone, but this is a new one, talking about leaves that refuse to settle and take flight swirling in the wind. If you don't remember that song you can visit that other old steemit post at:

But this is a new original one "Leaves Never settle in the Wind" and It belongs to the series "Incantations". (check tag "incantations" to see the previous ones). Incantations are a series of simpler songs, most of them with their melodies inspired in and by Nature. This is the most complex so far as it's the first one having lyrics in English.

Leaves never settle in the Wind_GIF_00001620.gif


There's a world in between
but to find the way in
First, you must learn to see
how light gather in beams
shadows stir and then shift
revealing what's unseen

And in my slumber dreams
come rushing in
the veil is tearing at the seams
and rising from the floor in endless spin
Leaves that never settle in the wind

And all those leaves keep on swirling around
suspended by a cobweb string
You know you'll never fall back to the ground
leaves will never settle in the wind

Then you see that sheer gleam
cast by all living things
that to your soul are bound
And your worries flow downstream
and the air is full of wings
that beat without a sound

And all those leaves keep on swirling around
their journey is about to begin
You know you'll never fall back to the ground
Leaves will never settle in the Wind

Making Of

ferns incantation - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-3.jpg

This video was filmed this Fall in North of Spain, Navarre. We chose two locations "Quinto Real" and "Irañenta" (a very famous location to collect chestnuts a typical autumnal activity, yet we returned with none :) too busy filming) There is also a third scene (silhouette) in Monte del Perdón trying to emulate the first "Incantation" Over the Clouds. This is the fourth in a series, the first of them became viral on facebook but unfortunately it was "stolen and decropped of credit" still instead of getting discouraged and I kept on making these through the seasons and now there are quite a few :) i will post them all along together and share my story about the first going viral uncredited, but that for another article.
Leaves never settle in the Wind_GIF_00003540.gif

Also thank you very much to @hedac for helping me composite the leaves, that I collected myself into the video. I have to say this one took long and it's been a work of patience. My computer is outdated and it's obvious I need a new graphic card to continue rendering videos of this kind...
Said that grateful to everyone supporting my work :)
Autumn is as I say one of my favourite seasons, maybe the most romantic of all and I enjoy the outdoors this time of the year. I've not been much out so often lately but all these were filmed some weeks ago.

Can you find the rat? And other animal encounters!

As always there is one or more hidden rats#fufunchis in my videos... some of you have spotted sometimes, of course this video is not different :) So if you find it post a comment but not the time signature so others can play.
ritva fufunchi rat - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Did you spot Ritva in the video? Have you ever found rats in previous posts? Just a reminder there are hidden ratties in most of my videos hahah It's kind of a "challenge"

There is a small cameo of my friend "Hirvi" the Deer too including a super close up to his eye (he allowed me)

hirvi deer - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Third collaboration of Hirvi in one of my videos (previously in Grow and In the Bleak Midwinter) what a Dear deer Starlet!

How can you support?

Leaves never settle in the Wind_GIF_00001320.gif

Of course first of all dropping your feedback here, resteeming and upvoting. If you can please also visit the youtube video and drop a comment I really appreciate it.

You can actually purchase the download from my official site
or from bandcamp to support


Many brown layers to match the season colors! But I wanted to say highlight and say thanks to:

folkowlbag (1).jpg

Many thanks to El Costurero Real for my wizard hat that I've used in this and previous "Incantations". The hat as been a constant in all Incantations that have been recorded through the seasons

folkowlbag (2).jpg

Also to Folk Owl for the lovely felt autumn bag you can see in some scenes of the video
And to Enchanted leaves for my acorn leaf pendant

Over the Clouds-   I - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg

Note: In all "Incantations" I'm wearing a Wizard hat and playing an Irish tin whistle. To watch the previous ones I created a Playlist called "Music in Nature"

My Network

ferns incantation - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-5.jpg


Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator


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Thanks always :)

Music and lyrics are just perfect for the season, and I adore the gifs with the leaves flying around you - such a magical touch !COFFEEA !DERANGED

Awww thanks, it was filmed during two days and one at least was a "sublime sunday" thanks for watching, i appreciate the encouragement

The video and the song are an enchantment ! I love everything celtic, and mixed with this incredibly beautiful season that is autumn, this makes a wonderful magical moment !
1sgfgi.png for that, and Ooohh...I spoted the cute rat and all the wonderful critters 😊

agreed, MOST ROMANTIC SEASON :) pd. your critters are cute, I also make illustrations. :)

i love your gifs.

My partner @hedac help me with those :)

awesome, i use gif brewery 3 for mine on the mac. free tool. it's great. worth a play with.

I have never had a mac just pc, but whatever tool is at hand is good, there are lots of apps too. Thank you, also for caring to go to youtube and leave a comment there

yeah exactly, whatever tool does the job indeed! you are most welcome.

You are magnificent. Thank you for bringing your beauty to light here, and sharing it with us.

My sweet dragon princess, may we cross paths one day again :)
I'm humbly grateful for the encouragement!
pd. I saw the coffee cup for me :) thank you

You're welcome! :) I just watched your Raven Incantation and OMG I love it! Kindred spirits, you and I.

Awww sending you a tight hug :) felt it? tighter.... now? :**

That was brilliant Yid. :)
Awesome awesome awesome. What else is there to say. :D

Aww thanks so much, only took me a month of thinking I was about to throw my computer to crash against the walls haha XD this video even with hector's help for the leaves part, was a test to my patience hahaha :) so I'm glad to see the response of my friends to tell me it was worth the effort. Gotta flee now off desk but will stop by later by your feed to see what's up and new :) I confess I'm stopping much less around than I'd love to.

Lovely sweet sounding vocals and lyrics. Great post.

Resteemed and curated to music-curation in @c-squared on Discord

Thanks for the curation and for the kind words, glad you stopped by :)

Ah, this is so enchanting. I had to go rewatch the video because I always forget to look out for ratty :)

I hope your wrist is doing much better. I managed to injure mine too in the sea on Gran Canaria, but nowhere near as serious as yours. It doesn't stop me from typing - just I can't twist things like open bottles with screw caps :) . It's amazing how many little movements we take for granted until we have an injury. Our bodies are so amazing.

It's always nice to see your posts on here 🍂

It is actually my thumb :) wrist is fun, but it's my thumb and the grasp of the finger, I still cannot lift weight but I can play most instruments now. But struggle to write and draw steadily still and though It's fine enough to skip surgery I'm waiting for the rehab. I was born in the Canary Islands, did you know? But in La Palma, it's the most western one...

I saw on youtube you actually found Ritva :) it's a "she", obviously a ratty princess :) in the halloween special there were three of them, and one I'm really proud of "masterful ratty placement" if there is such a thing hahah to master HAHAHA

Thanks, I post at I finish, I haven't updated my own PERSONAL blog yet, for the last couple of videos I've done here first so you can imagine LOL. Working on another video that is simpler so maybe you won't have to wait one month for next hahah

Hey Priscilla, this song - and all the original videos you put out there - is amazing!

We are trying to give Steem a bit more exposure in other social media platforms, which is why it would do wonders if you include your steem info in your YouTube channel (and if you want to go the long road, in your other social accounts) so people who watch this incredible video can get to know about Steem :)

Thanks for creating great content for Steem :)

Aw thanks so much. I really try my best, if I hadn't posted in between last post and this is because literally it took me almost one month to put together XD.

I think steemit community is gathering more over on twitter, I see many fellow friends are kind of gathering there and there is a lot of "core" that is in touch even if we don't post often. I found some networks (incident I won't post public but will share if you every dm on discord :)) are not "friendly" and you never know with their everchanging policies, but twitter seems pretty neutral about it.

Did you find the rat? XD there's one or more hidden in the videos :)
#fufunchis partied too hard last year on steemfest and were nostalgically watching everyone having fun :)

hope I don't take so long to post again I have a few kind of prepared, but then I cannot never anticipate how long it takes me... But I hope you find it's worth the wait.


Wow! This video looks amazing. I really enjoyed watching harmony between human and Nature.

Thank you, nature is a healing medicine to me

@yidneth! thank you for making me jealous once again of the beauty of nature where you live! what an amazingly beautiful video and song! I love the leaf animation, it's just the right amount of Hedac's magic and your talent. I miss chatting with you, and hope that you are doing great! Big hug to @hedac from me as well! you guys make just the most beautiful couple and collab!

Hi Anka 🐀, this was barely a few weeks ago, cannot believe I al welcoming December already, time flies. I still keep my server discord so feel free to stop by or dm, I will always love to know from you, pechi, serena, meno and my friends. We all have undergone so many things but KNOW I am always reachable should you just want to talk or be spammed by cute ratties, yes, some things change, and some 🐭 don't. Sending a super hug

Definitely, a lot of things have changed, but mostly for the best. I'm so happy to see you create your art and keep posting on steemit! I've done most of my growth behind the crypto exchange, but i really miss being here... i have very little time to write these days and i feel extremely rusty. All of my creativity is currently going to commercial design... As for Meno and Pechi, they are good, ups and downs, but we're all closer to achieving our goals. <3 For the rest i'll see you on Discord <3

I have never cashed out a single penny from the platform and at current price all I made is almost nothing but I do not mind as I use it the same way I use other platforms, to promote mybwork among the people who chose to follow me here and is interested in what I do, as long as I still get feedback from them, I will of course come to shout out what I have done.

2019 was not a good year for me, another one in a row of really bad ones but there are good solid things in my life and the support of those who love me sonI will allow myself to dream of a better year. Sure, I am on ig a lot too. Update me when you can always happy to know

Oh and I will forward your greetings he will be happy to know you noticed them

Thanks to share part by part , location, costume, and others overall nice .well wish.

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Really glad you enjoyed it, hahah yes I tend to share the details when they are music videos :)

As always, simply lovely, both photography and music.

And the brace is off your wrist! But I still didn't find your rat... :))

She's there, in the previous post and video there are three, in this video only one, there have been hidden #fufunchis in the videos for many years now :). In this one there is one I think @adetorrent spotted it hahah

And thanks so much for the kind words

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Beautiful as always!
I do love autumn. It's definitely my favorite for all the colors.
And you look amazing in your video! So whimsical and lovely!

I'm so sad your computer is on the way out. Hopefully, the Universe is in the process of arranging a new one for you... just in the knick of time.


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The red lipstick make you look as out of place as someone wearing an apple watch in a medieval movie.
I like the music though.

I appreciate the honesty, :) haha need to share really anachronic funny pics of me with my phone lol and hiking boots cos I am a practical wizardess! I mean it is no historic reenactment or a movie allow me to look how I feel confident and best with myself :) pd i am not dressed up as middle ages this is my actually hiking wear :) lol. But will lool some really funny anachronic moments pics lol so your comment is not that "unlikely" haha. Thanks fir the honesty, hope you liked the music though. Did you find the rat? It is the easter egg