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RE: Sound Legion Presents Steemit Artists Music Compilation Volume 5 - Official Track List - Cover Art Winners - Album Download

in #music4 years ago

Honoured to be listed in and among so many friends and talented people...
It is such an honour... I'll be downloading it later on :)
Thanks @soundlegion for your effort doing these compilations and your gentle encouragement to each one of us :)

Missing also some names that I hope submit next time (I almost missed the deadline myself)


it is absolutely awesome to showcase your talent. opening up volume 1 with your incredible track was a must. huge love to you we cant wait to hear and see so much more from you. stay posted for next weeks official stock footage music video for this volume and also artists spotlights

Aww thanks, such an honour :) and thanks for taking the effort to reply so kindly. Sure, looking forward to see the the showreel :)

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