Speak for the Dead: My fourth of a series of musical tributes to my favourite movie THE DARK CRYSTAL (yes, another!)

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Here is my new tribute to the Dark Crystal... again? Yes... counting fourth with this one :): Speak for the Dead

So here is my fourth tribute to the movie (and prequel series) THE DARK CRYSTAL. It was my favourite from my childhood, so this Summer I've been revisiting the world of Thra and having fun recording this candid covers. This was filmed barely a few weeks ago. The song in from the new series, and it's sung by the Gelfling as a ritual ceremonial for someone that has departed.

Filmed and recorded in Navarra, September 2019

At the end of the original scene a seed pod was flown away by the wind to carry away the memory of the one that is gone. I want to say thanks to @hedac for helping me with the 3D model of the seed that you can see at the end of the video



The recording was way simple :) Just layering four main harmonies and some subtle choirs. I added some frame drum, small percussions, harp, a seed shaker, flutes and some pads. So it's a simple one but I think the mood of the song also calls for this. After all the original was also sung around the fire. My hand is still not recovered so once again, all of these required a bit of retraining and about that I have good news... I won't be needing surgery, just rehab so having fun doing these while I regain strength.


My harp has been this minstrel companion for many years now and it was an endorsement from Harpsicle harps :) Oh the hikes it's seen :) XD. I think last year I made a joke about hiking with an harp well, it still happens ;-)


Gelfling girls have wings and mine were a gift from my friends from El Costurero Real

El Costurero Real

Have you watched the original movie and or new prequel series?

Please share your non-spoiler impressions in comments I'd like to know. As I said in previous posts the original movie is my favourite since I was a child. Curious fact today I got a surprise letter on my mailbox and a friend had gifted me a surprise book of Dark Crystal fanart! :) son yay for synchronicity.

Easter Egg

As it's usual there is one rat #fufunchis hidden in the video... let's see who is first to spotting it :) I usually hide a rat in my videos as a memory to my pets and also my love for rats that everyone around here already know ;-) This time you're looking for cheeky Taika in it :).

Have some fun trying to spot "Taika" in the video :). Yes, it's there :)

Fun curious fact when filming... And careful with mushrooms!


Another fun fact was that the day I filmed this I collected some huge mushrooms (that you can see in the video) and I joined @helpie. Not knowing if it was edible I asked @eonwarped and my friends there... we finally found sensible not to eat it XD but destiny gave me a rash and tummy ache anyway XD and I was super paranoid I had inhaled spores or something... but they happen to be non poisonous yet mildly toxic macropeliotas. Mushrooms were sometimes as big as a dish and they are known as "shaggy parasols*

The variants that are found in the fields are likely edible but when growing in forests like this there are subspecies that can cause nasty side effects... :)

Fairy rings are rings of mushrooms that appear in the fields or forests, and they are often seen as a dangerous find as it's told they grow where fae folk dance and those who dare to join the fairies in it may vanish and be lost in time forever.

Said this, I did right. I know not much about edible mushrooms so I did not eat it! :) Now that's fall seasons... be careful what you forage!

My previous two Dark of Crystal tributes

As The Dark Crystal was such an important inspiration for me as a child I've recorded previously two other covers that I had shared previously, three of them have been filmed this year including this new one.

Gelfling Song

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance

  • Gelfling Song sung by Kira in the original movie (1982) here performed by me with just voice, double Ocarina and ambient sounds I recorded myself along with @hedac

Jen Play His Pipes

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Priscilla Hernandez
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Wonderful, each time your posts get more amazing, thank you for sharing your talents gelfling spark! and of course @hedac for cinematography extraordinaire!

Awww thank you :) when are we going to meet again?

Amazing! Can't help but thinking that you're actually a gelfling, acting as if you're a human being (re-en)acting the Dark Crystal and blogging about it ;>)

Un abrazo!

P.S. I ate mushrooms from the forest this week ( for the first time ever ) and had kind of a scare after telling about it on Discord in the Natural Medicine group, when I had already eaten a couple of them. A knowledgable Steemian told me that I might have eaten a highly toxic/ deadly one but - after talking some more and sharing some pictures - we both realized that it was probably okay. It's now three days later and I'm still here. It gave me a scare though.

By the way, some elderly people from my village had told me those mushrooms where edible but stil...

This is like my FAVOURITE comment ever about this... I would be super grateful if you just leave it on youtube too. It had me laughing out loud :) XD

No problemo.
Glad I made you laugh. Even if that means you're not actually a Gelfing ;>)

You look like a gelfling
You smell like a Gelfling...
Maybe you are a Gelfling... (by all wise Aughra)

btw my dog (she died 15 years ago) was called Kira... I really did watch the original movie when it first aired :) and been thrilled this Summer revisiting it all :). I'm kind of "pixie" in real life honestly I see not much difference XD half of my wardrobe is green and earthy anyway XD and I consider myself very empathic with animals XD hahah so I take it as a compliment :) I think the movie reflects important "earthy" messages anyway :)

I found him! He is sitting on a mushroom next to you, having a little snack, at 1:14 to 1:16. 😁

Your music is always so powerful and captivating, @yidneth! This piece is particularly spectacular.


Weeee this made me so happy :) someone FOUND Taika :) It was a baby girl :) They are not with me anymore but I usually composite them in the video so they can be with me (so the plushies you remember too). I'm sure I'll have more in the future but I fancy to do this geeky thing in their memory, like including them here and there :) If you want to take it as a challenge there are quite a lot of rats in a lot of videos hahaha XD always subtly like this) LOL You made my day, thanks for looking for her :)

I do so love your beautiful videos and music. I've yet to find the rat, too busy looking at everything else... :))

aw but at least you tried, I'm gonna live it up a few days to see if someone does find her, if not I'll post a gif :) of the frame :)

Me and my little friend here are overjoyed and SO excited to come over and see/hear all of this magic! Can't you tell by the picture? If you could see me right now, you'd see me reacting the same way!

You're so talented, Pris. Nothing you do is ever crappy. It's almost not even fair to the rest of us, how brilliant you are. It's like when a cracker looks at a cookie and is in awe, and also wishes to be a cookie.

Anyway... I love all of this so much, when you do it, it isn't creepy like the movie. :D hahaha.
You make everything dreamy. Like, everything.
Love ya!

P.S. I was going to send you some helpiecake but @veryspider beat me to it! hahah.. We have great taste. Like the pun? TASTE.

awww I need a fufunchi in my life buaaaaa! that pic is adorable! Aww you make me blush. I could say the same about you Serena, you're soooo talented in so many levels, and a sweet person too. Thanks for having always such a lovely word for me, I do appreciate it my sweet moon sister. Remember we both sleep under the same moon. Aww I was trying to type something profound and beautiful but I can't stop staring at those dark beautiful beaded ratty eyes. By the way did you find the "fufunchi" in this video. Of course there is a fufunchi. If not I'll privately tell you on discord cos you're vip you know :) hahaha


Beautiful Pris. I've tagged you for a DDaily contest. I hope I've not missed the deadline for it. We're running a music contest this week.

Hey Cams, what's up? long time since we last chatted, :) we need to catch up not quite sure where you did repost it but thank you :) Hugs How's everything? are you going to steemfest this year? I can't afford. :(

I’m doing great thanks. Just about to quit my post office job and be a full time creator in one way or another. I won’t manage SF for that reason. My job ends at the end of this month and it’s a crazy time for us.

Aw wishing all the very best, you know at the end we must always seek happiness best of lucks with it

I think I'm always going to miss the ratties as I usually just listen while drawing and glance up occasionally XD

Wanted to say something about it being a beautiful cover but I don't think you've ever done anything not beautiful that I've seen.

And I don't think I'm ever going to get tired of the moth dress.

My boys have been enjoying the new series, they started off watching it together but then they went out of sync as during a bing one of them decided to go off and do something else before the other, so now they're mostly watching independently and occasionally together if one of them has claimed the tv XD

Well, these are "cidada" wings, the moth wings are bigger and have a different print, but I've used cicada wings for the Dark Crystal ones :) Aww thanks for the compliment. Did you spot the rat? There is a scene where you can find Taika, I always composite one of my rats in the videos, it's like an easter egg to be found.

You have received a @buildawhale manual curation vote.

Thank you :)

Wow, you have put an amazing amount of work into the cideo production here, in addition to having amazing music and singing skills :)
Have you considered posting your videos onto @dtube?

Thank you I have my user claimed and will do when I vlog and such. This one is a cover and for covers, I prefer they're on youtube cos the author can claim through the id track copyright and place an ad if they wish to collect rights on their song. I make my covers as a shoutout of the movie but if the composer wants it down or place an ad, I prefer it's there is a system so it can be agreed. So for the coves I prefer this way. About dtube when I do I will share my originals, and I've done on dtube before, didn't have much like sharing my music on dtube or including some original video premieres back in the day so my plan was vlogging more candid things. I think that works better there. For the official videos sometimes I spend so many months of work, and after a few tries I confess I got discouraged or aware the kind of content curated there is a bit different than what I usually share. So I simply kept concentrating in growing my official channel on youtube now, of course I'll share on dtube and I have my user registered but probably it will be other kinds of content like me painting, candid vlogging, making ofs, nature escapes and such. Thanks for the kind words. I will (not with covers ;-) though like this one)

Thisl sounds very interesting.

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