UPDATES POST + Today is Climate Change Strike "Nothing is Done until It’s Done" my new Single! a song NOT to live in denial

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A little update about me

Hello all my friends here...

I have been "suspended", floating on "murky" waters but still afloat


First of all I know I have been posting scarcely but don't worry I'm not gone. Also apologies if poor format or typos in this one... I injured my hand and still struggle to type. As some of you know this year has been quite a challenge for me in many ways and I've been overwhelmed and taking things easy, this Summer was very much a healing journey of therapy about several health things and just right when I was starting to see the light, organizing myself to freelance full time as an artist and trying to re-orientate myself entirely that way I fell trying to learn to ride a bicycle and I injured my hand badly. A month after, my splint just taken out a few days ago, swelling has subsided and I can type and there are things I can do (with reasonable levels of pain) but I can't lift things, grasp strongly or what I love most, drawing properly... so I've been in kind of low spirits. Next month I will know if it will require surgery or if luckily despite a long scheduled rehab it will heal on its own. So as you see It's been rocky but I'm really helpful to friends that have reached out to me to check how I have been. Thanks especially to @paintingangels that wouldn't let me go :) Thanks for the cookies.

what's up and what's next?

  • My last post before this is a month old! but it was a cover of my favourite movie "The Dark Crystal" As you know I was a hardcore fan of the original movie and recently Netflix released a series. I've been working in not one but two covers this time inspired in the series. And it's been quite changeling to finish the recordings (there are still instruments I can't play) but first of the two will be up in a few days. If you missed the previous I'm still proud of it so grateful if you still feedback previous post (even if you can't upvote it) . If you missed it here you can have a look. I'm grateful of all the lovely comments I got there too. https://steemit.com/music/@yidneth/gelfling-song-cover-a-new-tribute-to-my-favourite-movie-the-dark-crystal

But anyway stay tuned for a new one coming up the following days.

  • Been also working on a new Latvian traditional song about the sea, and finally this week I could visit the ocean to record some scenes. Thanks always to sweet @lindahas for having me made love the traditional music of her country. That will be around late October likely once I manage to edit all.

  • Recorded a few collaborations for friends. Those will be announced as they release it.

  • I created a Patreon site as I'm going to be a bit stalled and working slowly during a time. So if someone wants to support you can join here https://patreon.com/yidneth Of course I will keep on posting here as well. I have not even updated my personal blog this month. I'm "delayed" in life :) at the moment :) but hope present and not forgotten.

  • And regarding this post... I released a new single "Nothing is done until it's done" and I had not announced it... why? :) Well I was trying to finish the music video (and I'm way delayed due to circumsstances) but it is a song about Environmental issues (and other readings)

  • Here a sneak peak image of "behind the scenes" filming. I have been injured among other things so I go slowly but definitely soon. At the end of the post I leave you links where you can "listen" to it so far as I get ready for the video release.


Nothing is done until it's done

The song has some fierce and ominous points but also airy ethereal hopeful soaring parts, It will be a bit different than my usual as it was also born from a time of “turmoil” but also taking action into that 🙂 You know… nothing is done until it’s done. The song is not only about Environment but also triggers the need to "react and act" in all those things that are worth fighting for but we haven't dare or compromised ourselves to work on.

In many ways it can be read as an urgent waking up call as we are the guardians of Nature, and though I hope to share the video I'm working on very soon I could not hold to share this longer being today "Climate Change Strike" and an important date to use it as a tool to rise awareness.

It premiered 1st of September on all digital outlets (Spotify, Itunes, and more!) but I have been holding it trying to get the music video finished... soon (not yet)

What is this song about? It may be different for everyone… Please do tell me what the words mean for you!

It could be of course a song against Global Warming and protection of our Mother Earth, but also it could be a song about our fears and anxieties and how we must control them and get untangled from all the doubts of “denial” in a broad way… Things that we should change and we leave for later until they take hold of us in a loom…

Let these words be your waking call..

Let’s unravel not to live in denial… What do you think it should be done before it’s too late?
Tell me in the comments

Nothing is done until it’s done…

If you think there is something you should be doing something about... do not over think, lead your actions into it before it’s late. Curious that I couldn't manage to plan the release properly but life happens... The irony of the title hahah ! :)


Lyrics / Poem

Feel like your spirit grows stronger
Though its challenge has only begun
There’s anything it can’t conquer
When the weights of the doubts are all gone
And defiant it won’t weep in silence
When it feels cause is fair to be won
It’s standing firm in sheer defiance
Because nothing is done until it’s done

We might be running out of time
Because nothing is done until it’s done

Shadows may gather in darkness
Neath the weight of impending gloom
We can’t get rid of this madness
Because we got tangled in its loom
Are the circles becoming spirals?
We’re the thread and the web’s been spun
Let’s unravel not to live in denial
Because nothing is done until it’s done

We might be running out of time
Because nothing is done until it’s done
We might be running out of time
And the time has come around
And nothing is done until it’s done

Let these words be your waking call
(The stronger we push, the faster we fall)
We might be running out of time
Because nothing is done until it’s done
Because nothing is done until it’s done
Let these words be your waking call

We might be running out of time
Nothing is done until it’s done

How to listen to my new song

listen on SPOTIFY

If you don't use spotify you can listen to it here on bandcamp where you can symbolically purchase the download to support my work. Youtube video is on the way!

Here you can listen too, you don't need to buy it in order to listen to it in full, if not video is on the way

My Network


Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator


It's great to see you back Priscilla, I'm so sorry what happened to you. Of all things you could injure as an artist, your hand :(

I wish you a speedy recovery.

I was glad to see all the climate change protesters come out in my neighbourhood today. I was pleasantly surprised. The way we are going here, I didn't think anyone cared. For me, one of my most passionate issues is litter. Plastic containers all over the place that don't decompose. It's a big big big issue here, and one that so easily solved by a simple change of attitude. No need for governmental involvement, no need to pass any laws. Just a change of attitude - people taking responsibility for their immediate environment. I think that's what I get from the lyrics.. we need to wake up now before it's too late. (I fear it may already be too late to be honest)

Talking of the song, I hope Spotify actually pays you for plays. I just listened to it on Spotify. How beautiful <3

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 15.02.26.png

In other news, some things have changed since you left. We are now more supportive of high quality content creators such as yourself. I hope to see this post in Trending later today.

Take care of yourself @yidneth

Thank you so much for listening and for commenting about the song, I was holding until having the video ready but that is "delaying" a little and release came as scheduled. Still I couldn't help to share it today as it's a day to rise awareness about these pressing matters and I wanted to rise my voice along with it. Just changing the way we feed we can do so much. Of course there are going to be many things that are under the control of politics, but we have a voice and we have a will, we can do small things that count... I also agree the plastic wrapping has to end. Just switch to a fabric bag. There are alternatives and we can't avoid still sadly plastic entirely but we KNOW it's too much, and we know what's doing... :(

thanks about the good wishes, I was struggling already with some issues (not the hand) due to some meds for epilepsy and I've been adapting to certain things. I ended up being in low spirits and needing therapy for a month during August, just learning to relax, disconnect, sleep again, even meditate... so I started to turn things on my favour and plotting a "big change" that has been not truncated but again "postponed" due to the injury. I tried to draw today. Due to the pain I can hold it up to five minutes each time, and my pulse is not steady. It is curious there are things I can't do at ALL like cutting to cook, scissors, lift weight like a heavy cup, hold a pencil long or press it firmly on paper, or simply stretching my hand to reach a full octave in the piano. Time heals right... need to be patient. So far I'm proud I managed to finish a second dark crystal cover against the discomfort, pain and struggle,even if having to record a little time at at time.

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Aw thank you, I try. Blessings.

Jeez you must have come off pretty hard if you damaged your hand that much O_O hope you don't require surgery!

The song was pretty cool too :)

I am absolutely terrified, it's been one month, and though I can manage many tasks, if I try to hold a pencil longer than five minutes, play harp or flute longer than five minutes I get neural pain. It's mostly frustrating because the bruise and swelling is gone but something is off. I cannot lift any weight, just small objects with it. They say it may take longer to heal on its own but I have an appointment in October to see how it's going on and if it may need surgery, if so I'd be longer time "out of order" and I do rely on it to work in mostly everything I do. We'll see, it's been just one of the things happening of late, so trying to go "slow and easy"

Always so happy to see you making content! Even with a bad hand <3 Sorry to hear that happened and it affects you so much. We're vulnerable as artists, I know from experience :-/

Glad to see you creating still - your work is amazing as always. Climate needs a lot of attention and you are definitely a gorgeous embodyment of someone that appreciates nature and can show people how precious our forests are.


There are things I can do and things I can't certain movements like holding a pencil steady or lifting a cup, I can play the piano (not stretch a full octave but enough to be "building up" recording at home). Most frustrating is not knowing if it will require further intervention or if it will heal on its own, after a month I feel stalled, it's my lead hand. I had been going to therapy just prior due to anxiety and sleep deprivation and I had decided to embark in a full time art but plans postponed. Nature still there and still healing. And well sharing something soon I've managed to record somehow. Hugs back. and thanks everyone for the lovely response here.

oh damn! sorry to hear about your hand, that sucks. i hope to hear more loverly songs and poetry.

Aww been working a little on the computer and trying to finish clumsily a little commission sketch and it's pulsating so bad :( time to take a break and have dinner, I must be patient and let it rest as it calls for it while it regains strength. Had things half done before the fall and It makes me work and finish all those before embarking on new stuff so kind of stop not stop. I have also recorded with the split if you go to the videomoments on my discord you can see some snippets of me playing as a "pirate" Not my year, but not gonna complaint, let´s see how I can turn things back on track.

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