Within you (Live Cover) from one of my favourite fantasy movies: LABYRINTH

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Live Cover of Within You from Labyrinth (1986), a fantasy movie I love, recorded just last week from my studio. Do you remember this vintage fantasy movie?
I'm spending more time indoors so I've set up my studio again to be able to record live candid snippets and here is one from last wee, :)

It was directed by Jim Henson, with a script co-written by Monty Python Terry Jones (who by the way died just a few days ago :). The Cast included a very young Jennifer Connelly and a mesmerizing David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King of the Underground. A movie that is really a coming of age tale in which we doubt if the whole plot is just the imagination of a teenager girl or maybe there is something "more" Either way, and despite being a flop back in the day, it became a cult movie and as pretty much all Henson works one of my favourites. I hope you like it.

So I have said countless times here on Steemit if you scroll back my feed to will find countless of tributes to Jim Henson Works from The Rainbow Connection (The Muppets) to my favourite movie, The Dark Crystal. And I have already explained in detail how the fantasy works of Jim Henson shaped me and influenced me as an artist.

This is my fan tribute to the movie Labyrinth directed by Jim Henson in 1986. This is Within You originally sung by David Bowie in the original movie score that was co-written with Trevor Jones. It's likely the less known of the soundtrack, being "Magic Dance" and "As the world falls down" the most popular. I already had covered "As the world falls down" long ago but last week I set up all my home studio to be able to stream live again with OBS and I recorded this candid and LIVE take of my favourite song in the film.
By the way all the instruments used are FREE VSTS provided by Spitfire LABS. If you are a musician check it out because they are not only free for composers, they sound amazing.

As it's a raw, torn, aching ballad and despite of course bringing to my own ethereal genre, I think it works well with a simpler arrangement like this, and it's very raw and heartfelt. I confess I was the verge of tears when I finished this take. I don't know why.

I moved the stars for noone

The final line I can't live within you is the Goblin King realizing that it only exists in her mind but maybe (it's my theory) there was something "else" that shaped to be what she wanted. It's a song that also admits defeat and letting go very bitter sweet

*Live without the sunshine
Love without your heartbeat
I can't live within you!

Also the drawing that can be seen at the end of the video was done by myself :)


This is me kind of "cosplaying" the Goblin King, hmm Queen, whatever


This drawing is insanely old. It was done in 2001 using just colour pencils :) But I still keep it with fondness in my folder. I guess as many I had a crush with the Goblin King as teenager myself so I kind of drew an alternate ending. Up to this day there is a very active community writing fanfics around the movie and I shamelessly enjoy to read them.


This version is recorded LIVE from my studio (just last week, January 2019) as a fan tribute using ONLY Spitfire Audio LABS free virtual instruments, and from here thanks very much for sharing these free (but outstanding) instruments for composers.

I know all Labyrinth songs and I may be encouraged to try a few more next

I also have to say I know almost the whole soundtrack by heart and I even was invited to perform the score to the 30th anniversary FAERIECON 2016 . Then I learned all the songs from Labyrinth in order to perform on a special event celebrating 3 decades after the release. There I met again with The Frouds (designers of the movie, Toby was the baby and actually works with his parents creating puppets as in Dark Crystal new series). Also in the picture Jim Henson's daughter and illustrator Charles Vess (Stardust, Sandman)


Revisiting snippets of old geeky fantasy things... What is your favourite fantasy movie?

I am intending to to do a series of things that were meaningful to me as a child... as you know my favourite movie is The Dark Crystal and I've shared like four tributes of that, but there are also other songs I'm intending to cover like The Neverending Story, Last Unicorn, and more... and even some 80s and early 90s things that were a familiar soundtrack when I grew up

but just curious... what are your favourite fantasy movies just in case I may be intending to cover some of them

Thank you very much to my patrons at https://patreon.com/yidneth that support the creation of this candid snippets of things that were significant for me as a child.

So let me know in comments !

Within You (live).mp4_snapshot_00.49.080.jpg

Let me offer you your dreams (Labyrinth, 1986)

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I've already told you how much I love this song, this movie, all of it. Your voice in this rendition is perfect! Just stunning, my friend. And this scene is one of my faves in the movie, too—it pulls the heart in such a bittersweet way and the song really recreates that longing emotion. Well done!

thank you so much for the lovely compliment, :) yes i think it is an underrated song in the score, it's very torn

Indeed. And it's been in my head since you posted the video. lol! I'm trying to learn how to play it on piano but I'm just a beginner so... it will take some time.

Oooooohh I love this song <3

I think I know all laby ones :) After that 30th anniversary of Labyrinth event I had to learn many of them. it was sweet because The Frouds and Henson's daughter were there so it was special for me in many ways. I already had recorded a version of As the World falls down, in fact the mask parts are from that older version (just the keyboard part is new) but I didn't want to have in youtube a video the film footage. It's on soundcloud and my patreon though (public)if you want to sneak on that other laby song. I'm intending to do for sure "Underground" and also the music from when Sarah recites Through dangers, I'm thinking about an instrumental with choir and just reciting :)

Neverending Story, all the way. Swamp of Sadness and the Magic Mirror song are hard to forget, along with the main theme. The songs are so instantly recognizable, and have almost a demonic ability to force the same emotions to instantly recall when heard.

Another great fantasy with a great score I love is Conan the Barbarian. Adrenaline rush!

Conan the Barbarian is a classic but I'm intending to do very simple candid covers (some a bit more complex) but mostly less complicated live ones like this. So it's a bit pretentious for me to emulate all the rich orchestration of Basil Poledouris. Neverending story I have a version halfway done shhhh :) and actually BOTH of the ones you mention because swamp of sadness is my favourite part of the score (more even than the main theme). Magic Mirror was made by Henson but after he was gone, so I'm not that attached to it, I feel it more a Gaiman/Mckean work though it's a very interesting movie

Which song is the "deedoo deedoo, deedoo deedoo"? It was the song played as Atreyu approached the mirror gate, and echoed throughout the film when Bastion read the book. Is Magic Mirror the name of a later song? Thought Henson was alive when the film released. I was never sure to what extent Henson helped make this film. Surely the luck dragon and rock giant were works of his company, at least I always thought so. Uncredited?

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