Parasitic Fungi play IDM

in #musicforsteamlast year (edited)

In this installment Cordyceps Militaris are playing eurorack modular synth in an IDM patch. The sounds are not coming from the mushrooms but rather from a modular synthesizer. The mushrooms are controlling the synthesizer using a bio data sonification module called the Instruo Scion.Small amounts of current are run through the mushrooms to measure the electrical resistance similar to a lie detector test. Changes in resistance are converted to control voltages and gate signals which are used to control the synthesizer. The mushrooms have control over when the notes are played, how long they are played, what pitch they are, some control over timbre aka how the sound sounds and harmonic content as well as control over effect parameters such as filtering, delay and reverb. In this patch the cordyceps are limited to playing only notes that are in the beat.

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