Music for Steem - Week #8 (Original song, "Tonight")

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Hi everyone! I had joined Steemit a few years ago and used to do a lot of music posts, then life got so busy that I fell off the wagon. Happy to have found my way back and wanted to join the #musicforsteem, coming in a bit late at week 8. This is a simple acoustic take of one of my original songs, called "Tonight".


Hey @kjablonski! That was amazing!

I'm thrilled you decided to join the most awesome music competition in the entire world.

You have a natural talent to effortlessly navigate the fret board, coupled with that amazing voice is impressive. Listening to this tonight was like dancing in the moonlight :)

Hey! Thank you, what a compliment... Glad you could use the lyrics for reference, haha :)

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Wow @kjablonski, we're still trying to pick up our jaws off the floor. That was awesome!!!
Welcome to the family, and great job on your entry for Music For Steem week 8!

Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed it! For the short time I've been able to browse, I'm seeing a lot of talent .. it's great

Ohhh jeaah!! This is amazing. Happy that you join again after some time off! You certainly have not stopped practicing :D

The fact that you also wrote this song yourself proofs you have a great dosis of musicality in you!

Thanks for joining, please follow us to receive updates!

Thanks so much! It's one way to make sure I'm practicing more ;)

Please how do I upload videos on the music community??

Hi there - If you want to join the Music for Steem group, follow @musicforsteem and there are many posts on there with instructions and contest guidelines. When you want to post a video, you will need to record and upload it to Youtube, then copy that link to post it into your own blog. (copy as an embedded link to add it directly into your blog post) . Hope this helps a little!

Thanks for the directives.