As a Promoter for Steem this is the kind of talent that I am looking to help support and promote in the future. Looking forward to supporting @dianakyv as she shares her tracks.

#Promo-Steem - Promoting talent on #Steem around the World

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Promoting talent on #Steem around the World

As a massive fan of the @musicforsteem project and the #musicforsteem tag I am always on the look out for great singing talent to support and promote as much as I can.

Earlier on I came across the unbelievable singing talent of @dianakyv.

For those that may not have heard her singing, I highly recommend grabbing a few minutes and listening to her latest track.

Simply staggering.!!


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Credit: @dianakyv
Credit: @dianakyv

Promoter for #Steem

As a Promoter for #Steem this is the kind of talent that I am looking to help support and promote in the future.

Looking forward to supporting @dianakyv as she shares her tracks.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Promoting Talent on #Steem around the World

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wuaoooo I have no words to describe the emotion I feel, I am really surprised by this publication, I want to thank you for this beautiful gesture of promoting my publications, you are a wonderful team and I am grateful for this opportunity.

No problem whatsoever.

It is my absolute pleasure.

Your voice is simply amazing and I am more than happy to help promote you as much as I can.


We got blown away by Por Siempre Tú, the last minute is even from world-class level. She got huge potential and grateful such artists are on Steemit. Thanks for promoting!

I could not agree more.

When I came across her earlier on I was totally blown away.

I spent about an hour listening to some of her back tracks here and on YouTube.

When I came across this one, you are absolutely right, this is World Class.!!

The first time I heard this track the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I have listened to it a few times.

Truly staggering.!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how good she is.

A true a gem and I feel absolutely honoured to promote her.

I resteemed her latest blog in the hope that more will see how talented she is.

Keep up the great work.

Loving the @musicforsteem project.


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Arriba Steem!

Cosas como estas son las que sueño ver dentro de nuestras vidas, y les confieso que desde que conocí steemit, sentí que a pesar de que ya había dejado de estudiar canto y debía dedicarme a otra cosa, el panorama cambió. Y podía volver a soñar con cantar o tocar la guitarra para un honorable público. Desde que conocí a @dianakyv he estado siguiendola y cada vez que se presenta en público o acá en esta maravilla de plataforma he tradado de estar en primera fila para que los aplausos se escuchen aunque se me rompan las manos, siempre he reconocido el talento de esta hermosa mujer, con atributos increíbles para el canto y también siempre me he preguntado porque no está deleitando al mundo con su maravillosa voz... Gracias #Musicforsteem por abrir esta nueva ventana a este talento tan extraordinario, y por supuesto Gracias @stephenkendal por reconocer los verdaderos diamantes de esta plataforma...

Apoyo tu comentario @danieldedosd2, @dianakyv merece ser escuchada a nivel mundial, Dios le ha regalado esa voz maravillosa y encantadora, además es una persona extraordinaria, Dios la bendiga, que bueno poder tener aquí la oportunidad o la ventana abierta al éxito para crecer como artistas, gracias #Musicforsteem.

Excellent! @dianakyv is a great singer, and incredibly talented. She deserves this mention and much more. Applause for her and hugs for everyone xD

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