Mutual Aid for Mutual Aid for Mutual Aid

in #mutualaid10 months ago

I love it when these big circles of mutual aid get going!

So y'all know I've been crowdfunding here on Steem to fund my first aid kit. Some of the supplies I've already gotten are now going to help someone else's mutual aid project!

ma 4 ma 2.jpg

Someone on Facebook has got a project going with some friends where they are disinfecting and cleaning in some low income senior housing to help stop the spread of corona to some of the most at risk people, but they don't have proper protective equipment for themselves! Well I have some masks and gloves and alcohol prep pads in my first aid kit thanks to you all, and I whipped up a batch of homemade hand sanitizer as well, and I packed some of this up for them. Another friend chipped in the shipping so I can go mail it at the post office this week!

ma 4 ma 1.jpg

Mutual aid for mutual aid for mutual aid. Sometimes, humans are alright. :)

Solidarity and wellness to all. Steem on! <3

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