Shivom Releases MVP; Offering Clinical SaaS-based Automated Data Analytics

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Shivom Ventures Limited releases its MVP which provides researchers with a Clinical SaaS-based platform to search for datasets and run genomic pipelines in three clicks of the mouse.

London, United Kingdom – July 29, 2019 – Shivom, a biotechnology data discovery and analysis company optimising the way DNA is shared, secured and analysed through blockchain and AI technology, has released it’s long-awaited MVP. This release seeks to target data owners who are not only looking to securely store their DNA and other biodata but enable them to monetise their data within the research community. Through a combination of explicit consent mechanisms, blockchain and smart contract technology, data owners are provided traceability and complete control over their data.

The release will be made live to the public at 2:00 pm GMT on 29th July. This is a major milestone for Shivom, the company will now offer researchers the ability to search for datasets and run genomic pipelines in three-clicks of the mouse under their new clinical SaaS-based solutions.

“In my 20 years of experience working in the field and within biobanks led to the automation of analysis for the researchers on our platform. Using Shivom’s Clinical SaaS platform can help organisations not only reduce the cost of R&D but make research easy and accessible. Were stripping away the pre-requisites other bioinformatics platforms require the researcher to possess in order to run pipelines and tools such as GWAS or SAM Tools. With access to patient biosamples and open data, time is finally freed for the researchers who currently have to scour and prep data for analysis,” said Dr Darrol Baker, Head of Bioinformatics.

Shivom’s clinical SaaS solution will seek to solve pharma’s most hard-hitting challenges, lack of innovation in bioinformatics, increasing R&D costs and siloed data. These challenges have been solved through a unique approach by utilising the best in breed technologies at our disposal. “Utilising new innovative smart contract solutions are at the heart of the Shivom Platform to enable user consent and monetisation. Cloud-native bioinformatics analysis solutions to ensure data is always with Shivom and processing is lightning fast. Smart coding techniques for smarter smart contracts enabling storage of large amounts of data at a fraction of the gas cost. Innovative integration with Ethereum so that the user does not have to pay GAS cost to use smart contracts. Never before seen use cases for data owners to use their data as well as discover and use data on our platform. A platform for modern genomics,” said Meer Ali, Director of Technology.

Alongside updated permissions and an end-to-end solution for researchers, the MVP contains major updates to the consumer shop; offering additional 6 products, new UI and provides consumers with the choice of purchasing via OMX tokens or cash. One of the products Shivom will be offering for purchase is a DNA test which analyzes the 11 genes that are responsible for your skin’s hydration, elasticity, photoaging, and skin antioxidant protection, created by using the knowledge of modern genetics in skincare. By taking the DNA test you will receive a personalised report, which will provide you with general skincare recommendations which are important for your specific genotype. Another product that will be introduced is Strain Genie’s Cannabis DNA kit, which provides consumers with personalized insights and important warnings about how your body may or may not respond to specific cannabinoids, terpenes and strains of Cannabis.

“I’m incredibly proud of the team and their hard work and commitment to deliver on this critical milestone. With our MVP, enterprises and researchers have the ability to search and discover diverse datasets globally, enter into smart contracts with data owners and utilize our integrated, streamlined bioinformatics analysis and reporting features, while also benefiting from our blockchain-enabled audit and patient consent functionalities for compliance purposes. These innovative solutions represent a new paradigm for robust multi-omics analysis, which we anticipate will result in significant clinical efficiencies and ultimately the accelerated delivery of personalized care and therapies.” said Henry Ines, CEO of Shivom.

Following the MVP release, Shivom will focus its efforts on not only improving the customer experience but adding pipelines, support for other bioinformatic providers, enhanced reporting features and additional security layers to the Clinical Saas-based solution.

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Shivom is a biotechnology data discovery and analysis company optimising the way DNA is shared, secured and analysed. By utilising innovative technologies such as blockchain and machine-learning algorithms, we are able to democratise genomics.

Our mission is to bring exponential value to our end-users within the genomics industry. We believe that the unique combination of our in-depth knowledge for genomics, mixed with deep-rooted backgrounds in cryptography and AI is essential in the democratisation of genomics and healthcare data.

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