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I’m a student. I have a mobile phone in class 7. That was my first mobile phone. I was so happy. That phone was of LAVA brand. The model of my phone was “Irish 505”.
That was no good but perfect for me.
My mother bougth me that. That was about 3000 BDT. My brother took that .
I used that only one year. Then I don’t use any mobile phone for a year. Then I bought a new phone.

That was so good. It was a good branded phone. The phone was of l”Lenovo” Brand . It was a famous brand. I am now using that phone. It is so good.
download (1).jpg
![download (2).jpg]

Its R.A.M is 2 GB. R.O.M is 16 GB. The camera of my phone is 13 mp back camera and 8 mp Front camera. Its battery is 3000mAh.
Its price is 12k BDT in market only.
I recommend you all to use this phone.
It is not costly.
So use this phone
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Lava is awesome phone in india and bangladesh. this phones features and icon really awesome...

yes you say right those are awesome thanks keep with me

I like your post. keep it up bro.

tnqq bro keep with me

aita diye suru korlam post zero kora...baki gula o kore felbo...tar agei tk diye deo mahir er.