"My 2017" CONTEST: Post a Recap of your 2017! 100 SBD weekly reward! (Week 1 of 3)

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Hey Steemian friend! How was your year? Was it full of ups-and-downs like mine? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to? How about that long overdue holiday you took? That date you wanted to have with the beautiful neighbour maybe? Did you retire from work? Did you go to Steemfest?


Here is the deal:
We are 4 Sundays away from New Year´s Eve and I want to read how your year was! What better way to read about it than doing a small contest and giving a sweet amount of SBD alongside? Especially with the SBD price how it is right now, right?

So the drill is very simple, every Sunday until we reach 2018, I will announce a subject and if you want to participate, you just have to make a post during the week about your year regarding that subject, using the tag my2017, the title should go like this:

My 2017: Subject- Whatever you want to add to the title.

This first week subject will be "achievements and failures".

I know, such negativity including the word failures in the title, right? Well, as I said in a previous post, life is a rollercoaster and in order to be thankful for the good things, sadly there must be bad things. There is nothing wrong in accepting some years are tougher than others, perhaps writing about it can help you cope with it.

So, starting right now, you can write about this subject and you have until next sunday (Dec, 17th) at 20:00 UTC to submit your entry. Right after we announce the winners, we will announce the next subject for the contest.

So to be clear, the title should be "My 2017: Achievements and Failures - If you want to add something extra do it here"

There are no rules, you can make a video, you can write as a first person POV, you can do a photo album with descriptions, WHATEVER you think of, you can use it to participate. Just remember, no plagiarism, please.

Of course, if you feel like getting more people to participate, include in your post a link to this post!

I will be voting on every entry with a different percentage depending on how much I like it and, in order to avoid being biased, there will be a set of three judges I´ll announce soon and they´ll decide the posts deserving these precious SBD, let´s hope the market price is still double digit next sunday :D

The weekly prize will be divided as follows:

  • 1st place: 55 SBD
  • 2nd place: 30 SBD
  • 3rd place: 15 SBD

So, how was your year, Steemian? Are you ready to start recaping?

I am able to vote on every entry with a significant amount thanks to a delegation I got from @blocktrades, thanks for supporting the community!
The funds for the prizes will come directly from the earnings of this post, so if you like this idea, give it a little vote! As there is 4 sundays remaining, there will be 3 contests, one sunday 17th, 24th and 31st.

Hey! Let´s try to make a lot of people participate in the contest, please Resteem this post!

If the liquid earnings of this post and the one announcing the winners, are more than the total prize pool, I´ll add some honorable mentions to spread the SBD´s!!

Edit: Due to the enormous response and to give time to the judges to choose, the time limit to submit your entry will be Saturday 08:00 UTC... That means around midnight for American continent, around 2-4 pm for asian friends and 8 am for Eurobros, just check the time zone comparison here. We are already at 50+ entries! Good luck everyone!


What an amazing contest. This is gonna be very interesting. My entry comes in soon. #My2017

And here's my entry! It's so nice to reflect on the year that was. I hope you enjoy the read :)

I'm quite proud of the title: Robots Facing Bankruptcy While Helping Crying Customers. It actually makes sense once you read the post. :P


Pic: Me falling through a cloud :)

Wow! @anomadsoul, this post from @mazzle is amazing. I'm so glad you posted the contest.

Aw shucks :) Thank you.

No that is daredevil status

Fantastic idea. I had planned on doing just one, probably on the 31st or there abouts. But, maybe you have inspired me to do more. Thanks @anomadsoul

I hope we get to read about your year! The subjects will be very different so there will be plenty of ideas you can use :) Thanks for stopping by @gringalicious! Btw I still have to send you the pic I took of us with my cellphone!

Yes you do!! - LOL

My God! Is that the beautiful @gringalicious?

The one and only.

Great stuff! Resteemed for my followers! I love to see people giving back to our community! Expect my posts soon! :)

Thanks for the resteem my friend! Let´s get 100 people to participate! Imagine reading about the year of 100 Steemians! I´ll wait for them!

You have the time to read more than a 100?😂😂

Lol I sure hope so! I think those would be the only posts I´ll read during these days!

Lucky you..wish you have loads to read for the holidays lolsss

There are already 35 entries and it had just been 30 hours :S I think I´m going to be reading a lot!

Looks like..have fun amigo!

What a great idea! I have 2 significant achievements from this year. I need to decide which one I'll post!

Perhaps you can do both! Also if you include some obstacles or "failures" it may give the post more content to end up being a kick-ass one! Good luck man.

I think I will have to get in on this one! Thanks for the inspiration to reflect @anomadsoul ! Learning from the past is the best way to better the future

Hey Jeff I bet your entry its going to be amazing man, can´t wait to read it! If you want, you can RS this post, if the rewards are bigger, Im adding that to the prize!

This is sure gonna be a blast! I'll be reading too.. 😎

Let´s hope a lot of people joins us! If you want you can RS the post so we get to read more stories.

I'll share to groups on discord.. 😀

This is wonderful!!!!! Perfect!!! I love it! My kind of contest this is going to be fun! Thanks Eric! Beautiful day to you 😊

Hey Ceci! I sure look forward to reading your entries! You have such a truthful and transparent way of writing... hugs to you!

Thank you mi amigo estimado I will try my best! Abrazo de oso

Already sort of done it yesterday:))

I love the idea. Knew about it from @jbn entry and I would love to get my entry in right away.

Upvoted to have a tiny share in the prize pool and resteemed to reach more people.

Hm... 55SBD!! I wish I had some failures to report... 😄

If there's no failures drown us in achievements! Always amazing to read a post full of positive things!

Many bad things happen to me since my dad pass away (October 2016). I joined Steemit one day after my birthday this year. Since I joined Steemit I didn't make intro post and I'm considering writing something like intro, but more in style of this contest. I will see will I write it because I touched rock bottom at one point. Even writing this comment is hard to me. Anyway love the idea and wish everyone read few stories from other people.

I am very sorry to hear that, I was in a similar situation not so long ago so I understand what you went through... reaching rock bottom means there is only one way from there, Up! The beautiful thing about Steemit is that you can and will find a community that will take you with open arms, some of the most amazing people I´ve met are from here. I am looking forward to reading your story my friend, know that if you write it, I´ll be reading and i´ll be there if you need a conversation about it.

And as I promised, I have published my 2017 achievements and failure. I loved writing it so much, I dont't care if it wins or not. Writing was such a soothing activity (except the moments of worst memories) that it became so personal and valuable to me. Here's the link.


It's a great idea! You have inspired me!
I start writing about my achievements and failures in 2017
Thanks @anomadsoul

Great my friend! More entries for our late night reading! Thanks for joining! Don´t forget to RS this post if you feel like, it would be great to have a lot of participants!

Link to my entry


my 2017: this is about my art journey, 347 days of art and 104 art works
thank you!

I just read it and voted for it! I will be leaving a comment in each post during the week :) Thanks for the Resteem!!

"The year of my future now"
The year i survived what Samson couldn't survive/ 😢 but i survived that pillar that fell on me,
Cause the man above is my guild, and i. Believe my powers are strong 💪 💪, so to. You my friend @anomadsoul God is your guild, and thanks for this context letting me share my experience this year, Bless you sire.

Great idea It is good to review what happened to us this year :)

Great GIF! So I take your year was something like that? Haha can´t wait to read it! Thanks for joining the contest!

Hey, I know you :)

oh.. I just seen now.. this is great contest for me ' i will join 😊 .. lucky i still have 1 day to do this before deadline ,,

You know what my greatest achievement will have been only If I can make $10 on this comment and my greatest failure for 2017 is how I failed to write about my 2017 for this contest

Hey, I joined the contest, It was short and "sweet" bc i dont really like to expend and talk about it, but i felt like sharing
my post -

Short and sweet always gets the andy! Thank you my friend for joining the contest, I wish you the best of luck. I will be dropping some comments in each post during the week :)

I'm so doing this. I feel i have a lot to say about how my 2017 went. This will give me a legitimate opportunity to rant and vent, and feel grateful for the good things as well. Sign me Up!

Wow,i didn't see this ontime.its a must to participate.thanks for this oppurtunity @anomadsoul

I look forward to reading the entries. 2017 has been a significant year for me, but not because of any achievements or failures.

Oh really? How come? Do you have a suggestion for the next week´s contest? That way perhaps you can join in!

My 2017 - Easy Come, Easy Go

Im down. Resteemed for ya! Ill make an entry soon!

Thanks for the RS! I look forward to reading your entry Ocdbro!

Such is Life

~ Ned Kelly

Awesome idea!!

Something everyone can get involved in, and some nice prizes there man!

I'll be putting something together this week for sure 👍🏾

I look forward to read it man! Good thing is, i´m not selecting the winners so that means even friends from real life can join and the decision wont be biased :D Good luck!

Love the idea my story expands over a few years but this year for me has been the more goal achiever but the chapter hasn't come to a close just yet but will be looking forward to it. Problem is it's just a in depth story that i would need a author to write this story or book for me !!

Up-voted and Re- steemed.

Ohhhh I totally get your point, well try to make it a 2017 story of achievements during the year! I am sure you can make a great entry :) You could even handle it as a to be continued

To be continued not a bad idea will see what i can do. Thanks :)

I'm excited, I have been wondering what to do on steemit and this looks very interesting and a challenge I think I may be qualified for as who doesn't have both achievments and failures. The year that was but looking at it from a variety of angles over the coming weeks. Thanks for putting it out there. I look forward to seeing the other subjects.

Yes! It doesn´t matter if you want to focus in only one of the parts, it would be better if you do a post about both achievements and failures but hey, if you only want to focus in the positive part its ok! Contests are always great to start writing because let´s face it, not everyone is a writer and it is hard to take that first jump into blogging, sometimes we just need an excuse! I hope you enjoy reading other entries as much as I´m already doing it!

By the way I just read your intro post and oh my, so strongly written, I want to nominate it to @ocd (is a curation group where you´ll get more votes and more views, sharing your story with more people), if you would allow me to share it, please answer the comment I left in your intro post!

Por un momento me asuste pensando en inglés , que genial que lo podamos hacer en español! Esta idea ayuda mucho a la comunidad. Un abrazo

Claro compadre! Lo puedes hacer en español y ten por seguro que lo leeré! Los jueces hablan inglés nada mas así que no podrán elegirlo, pero de que habrá un voto mío por ahí, tenlo por seguro!

I most said that this is my best motivation of all steemit contest i have seen. Thanks @anomadsoul quality post speak louder than any upvote resteem @japfive.
So can i start writing now to submit on or before 17th?

Oh man you should have seen some other contests about winning 2,000 SBD prizes (One was to attend the Steemfest with all expenses by @cervantes) but hey, I do what I can! Im honored that you think that way! you can submit your entry whenever you want before the 17th, some people already posted it!

Great contest @anomadsoul! I think I'll be joining in as 2017 was an interesting year to say the least....

Oh my, I think that is an understatement my friend, good thing is that my IRL friends like you can also join as I won´t be judging thus the final call won´t be biased :) I can´t wait to read your entry! I sure hope @damnthatbanana joins!

This is a good contest to end the year, it's been long I jumped into a cotest, but I will surely try this one. The contenst alone will make me look back to how the year started.

Well this is Steemit! There are tons of contest all the time, Im so happy you choose this one to return to the game haha. Looking back always helps to understand why and how things happened, it is a good way to plan for the future :) I look forward to reading your entry!

Can I both post achievement and failure at the same time @anomadsoul ? I resteem this for sure.

Of course! It is the way to go, making only one post with everything!

done my friends Thank you look at my entry I post in on Here.

YAY!!! I will be making a post about it tonight! Stay tuned Eric :)

One of the best posts I´ve read! I wish you good luck my friend, let´s hope the judges like it so much as I did!

Can i make a post in spanish? Or must be english? ^^

Claro! El ganador será elegido en inglés pero si participas, seguro lo leo y lo voto. Saludos!

Que tag se pone? "my2017" y el resto lo que quiera?

Exacto! Con usar el tag y el titulo listo!

Nice Idea and is a fun game to play.

I hope you play mate! Anyone can do it and I´ll be glad to read more entries :D

Yes! that's a great contest to look back this year.

Are you going to participate? Everyone is invited!

Very helpful idea to all steemians members.

Nice contest. I will be a part of it

And I´ll read the post and vote accordingly! Thanks so much for joining the contest! Oh, and thanks for the Resteem! :D

Here is My Entry for this huge Contest "2017 Achievement and Failures. Hosted by @anomadsoul

Re-steemed! I will be sorting out ideas in my head today :-)

Thank you so much for the resteem! Yes yes, you have time, make the best out of it and show us a great post! I´ll be glad to read it!

I'm actually trying to upload my entry right now but the dog gone Dtube is acting weird on me. :/

What is happening? Could you be more specific please?

Oh I just saw this. I sometimes have issues with the video uploading but nothing happens. It's sometimes a shot in the dark with Dtube so there are times where i'd rather upload on YouTube and put it on my Steemit page. I know it defeats the purpose but it's the best I can do.

Thanks for coming by and checking up on me.

wow, this is such a amazing contest. I am sure gonna participate. Expect my entry soon. In fact every steemian should I just hope you can handle it Sir @anomadsoul

Oh my, so far I wasn´t expecting so many entries! It has been only 1 day and already more than 20 people joining! This is great! I hope my SP is enough, but definitely I will read them all! Don´t forget to Resteem to reach more people!

wao.. I'm writting "my 2017" right now!! I'll show you soon!! good contest

I can't wait to read about it my friend! Dont forget to resteem this post if you want :D

Good contest, i will participate .

Can´t wait to read about it my friend!

sir @anomadsoul here is my entry to you Contest. thank you very much i express my feeling trough it.https://steemit.com/my2017/@tjcdc/my-greatest-achievements-and-failure-2017

Thanks to you for participating, i´ll check it out very soon!

thank you sir i hope you like it, my mind is still flying somewhere , because of excitement and nervous yesterday when i make it. ehehe

Ohh don´t you just love it when the mind goes flying away? It is when the best ideas come to mind, when you free it! By the way, thanks for the resteem!

your welcome sir more upvotes and blogs are coming from our group #steemitachievers, they said they will participate in your contest. yeah i agree with sir when my mind is fying somewhere else this is the time that i can make a blogs came up from my hearts . thank you sir. special mention to @jun2, @g10a, @jie28 who already make their entry.

Oh that is great! More entries! It would be amazing to reach to 100 entries :D

yes sir maybe they will submit today. thank you very much sir for this contest , i hope there is more in the future, if you have time sir , maybe you can visit our groups #steemitachievers. we have more than 50 members , blogers , artist , singer,

Grrreat! I read it and voted, I wisj I could vote with more SP but with so many entries I have to share the love around. I´ve seen you are part of district404 I hope we can chat around. Cheers

Thanks for the read and vote. And you are fine when people do contests and upvote the entries they have to limit the power of the vote or they would be drained completely. I love district 404 and the rooms that came before it. Though because of the house thing I haven't had much time on there. But soon that should change.

So so at the right time

Let us know in your post! I´m sure people will be happy to read about it!

Mine year was more bad then good, you will see it from my post :)

Well, according to Karma, good things shall come the next year then :) A bad year always teaches to be humble and learn from our mistakes, I look forward to reading your post! Don´t forget to resteem this one if you feel like it :D

Well, I have never looked at life this way, much less document it. This intrigues me because I know writing about this will ultimately give me new perspectives. Thanks.

Exactly man, sometimes we can´t put feelilngs or define things until we´ve written about them, perhaps this is the best way to try and earn some rewards and also realizing some truths along the way :D

Thank you for the invitation @anomadsoul ! I will definitely join and send my entry !

Hey thanks for the resteem! :D Im looking forward to reading your entry! :D

@Gringalicious 2017 giderken veda etmeyecek ama birçok iz bırakacak insanlık tarihinde...
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bu arada kusur olmasın burada yeniyim o sebepten buraya kısa bir hikaye bıraktım.Teşekkür ederim...

Oh my friend we don´t speak indonesian :(

üzgünüm ingilizce bilmiyorum sadece türkçe :(

hi, how are you? can I writte in spanish? or is this contest only in English?

Claro! El ganador será elegido en inglés pero si participas en español, seguro lo leo y lo voto. Saludos!

great!! que bueno. :)

Si quieres puedes escribirla en español! La estaré leyendo pero los jueves solo hablan inglés así que el ganador será en inglés, pero seguro al leerla, yo la votaré! Saludos!

My year 2017
I really would love to share...
I would pen down my entry ASAP
Thanks for this @anomadsoul
Will definitely reesteem also.

Better hurry up my friend, a lot of entries coming by the minute! :D Good luck in the contest! Don´t forget to Resteem this post if you want :P

This is a great contest sir, here's my humble entry I hope it'll qualify:

Thanks for the resteem my friend! I just checked it out and voted on it, Im sure the judges will like it!

my pleasure sir. thanks for the vote its a big help for me. May God Bless You

This is awesome!

great idea. would be sending my entry in

Cool man, I wish i could vote with higher SP but with so many entries I can´t :(
Don´t forget to RS this post! Good luck with the judges!

Hehehe thanks for the sir my friend but I the Queen of England hasn´t made me a knight and I don´t think she´ll ever do it lol, I read your post and wow, full of energy man! Good Luck!

hahaha, I am used to it sir, you are so funny

and, I think prince harry will do sir...heheh

If that happens, I will be happy for you.

Im now starting to think of how an I going to start my entry for this contest... Very exciting game... Very nice of you to run a contest like this...

Whatever comes to mind is great! What counts is that it comes from the heart and you do your best! Good luck in the contest :)

my entry dropping soon keep your fingers crossed.
best contest for 2017

Oh well, that phrase reminds me so much, I actually made a post about two months ago regarding this subject: Learning to celebrate your achievements, no matter how small or unimportant they may seem. I like how you think! I look forward to reading your entry!

here is my link to the contest promise you wont get bored while reading it

Hey que buen nombre de usuario! Ya leí la entrada y le di un voto, gracias por participar y mucha suerte con la decisión de los jueces! Gracias por el resteem!

Certainly im up for this, my entry is coming right up.

Grrreat! I can´t wait to read about it!

I’d like to participate 🤗

Well you certainly can! Don´t forget to use the proper title and use the tag! Oh, and if you liked this idea, Resteem the post :D

Thanks man ! Resteeming this post first for more participants.
I will submit my story today at a later time as I just saw your post.

Thanks for the resteem bro! A very nice entry, well done, good luck!

Thanks.. I will be staying tuned for the result :D

Yea! Its a contest... Resteem compels me!

Your post has been resteemed to my 2800 followers

I would love to participate!! sounds fun :) I'll review what I've done so far this year :)

Oh my, to have an ocd sister joining is amazing! I do look forward to read your entry! ^^

Great inspirational contest indeed. Shall surely participate.
Regards Nainaz

Thank you for the resteem! I hope I can read your entry soon!

As I promised,
Here is my 2017 entry..

My 2017

No matter what happens, be sure to always smile.
Because a smile can be your salvation.

Hey! Thanks for joining this contest, sadly we could only reward 13 users out of the 174 entries but...

There is a new contest fresh out of the oven, I would be very pleased if I could see Just a normal day in your life. I hope we get to see your entry, good luck!

All those winners get what they deserve. I checked few of them out to understand where and how much I lack in.
I am really impressed with the first prize specially. She deserves it.
The judging was done greatly.

As for the next contest,
Unfortunately My Phone camera is not that great. So, doing a video with that camera not a great idea to me.
Rather I could take pics and create a video with it.
What do you say ?