Thanks to you for participating, i´ll check it out very soon!

thank you sir i hope you like it, my mind is still flying somewhere , because of excitement and nervous yesterday when i make it. ehehe

Ohh don´t you just love it when the mind goes flying away? It is when the best ideas come to mind, when you free it! By the way, thanks for the resteem!

your welcome sir more upvotes and blogs are coming from our group #steemitachievers, they said they will participate in your contest. yeah i agree with sir when my mind is fying somewhere else this is the time that i can make a blogs came up from my hearts . thank you sir. special mention to @jun2, @g10a, @jie28 who already make their entry.

Oh that is great! More entries! It would be amazing to reach to 100 entries :D

yes sir maybe they will submit today. thank you very much sir for this contest , i hope there is more in the future, if you have time sir , maybe you can visit our groups #steemitachievers. we have more than 50 members , blogers , artist , singer,