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RE: "My 2017" CONTEST: Post a Recap of your 2017! 100 SBD weekly reward! (Week 1 of 3)

in #my20174 years ago

This is a good contest to end the year, it's been long I jumped into a cotest, but I will surely try this one. The contenst alone will make me look back to how the year started.


Well this is Steemit! There are tons of contest all the time, Im so happy you choose this one to return to the game haha. Looking back always helps to understand why and how things happened, it is a good way to plan for the future :) I look forward to reading your entry!

Can I both post achievement and failure at the same time @anomadsoul ? I resteem this for sure.

Of course! It is the way to go, making only one post with everything!

done my friends Thank you look at my entry I post in on Here.