I should have used the #runawaytoddler hashtag ;)

Hi from Bangkok. How is everything over there? Run into @jpphotography yet?

That's a great tag!

He's in Taipei and I live two hours away but I met him the other month when he came to visit. Always great to meet anothes Steemian.

There must be quite a few of you guys in Bangkok, do you ever meet up?

Oh great! @suitcasemama and I got to meet him when he went through Bangkok, great guy!

There are some folks around, but with two little ones, we don't find too much time to meet them! I've only met @jpphotography and the legendary @nomadicsoul, who housesat for us while we were in the US :)

@martibis (he created the Steemitworldmap) is somehwhere in Thailand at the moment but I think he may be leaving soon, you should see if you guys have time to hook up.

Oh cool! Hi from bangkok @martibis!!!