Do you Love your Country? Yes, I love my Country. In response to @mawahab

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Hello Friends,

This is my response to my friend @mawahab about her question Do you love your country?

And I am giving my answer and hope all of you agreed with me.

Hope you all well and enjoy your time. With this snapshot I would like to invite you all that if you love your country then make a #dtubesnap about your country and use first tag is #mycountry. Hope it will represent your country positively and add a big value to the dtube platform.

Here the vlog:

Thanks all.

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Thank you very much @hafizullah brother in response to my invitation. Hope my idea help to represent the country very positively. You doing well brother. Let's work together and bring the dtube to the moon.

Yes, lets move forward

@hafizullah! bro I am beginner of @dtube. So I expect your help and motivation. Thank you!

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sure brother

thanks bruh....! @hafizullah

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Hi bro, You given massive response to @mawahab.
I already know your country coz we're fellow south Asians. Thanks for your nice gift to community.

thank you friend

Bro its good initiative . I must make video on this topic Inshaallah