The stream of rivers and its calm water has its own beauty according to my judgment.

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Hello all.
Meet me again on this great platform by returning here I am bringing one story of the days that I have been through with my colleagues.

I as the owner of this post want to share a little about this photo that I portray this and I post this time, when we were traveling to one of the villages close to my hometown and I through a river surrounded by green plants and shady trees .

When I look at this river I feel like having a beauty of its own in this part of the river with its clear water and the water is so calm makes me stop for a moment to take some pictures from this river.

And I only have my handphone that is redmi 3s to take some pictures from this river, after finished I take our picture directly to the hometown we want to addressed earlier with my friends.

So my story this time hopefully my friends all like this post, thanks for your visit in this blog @abrarleo.

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Wiw , sangat indah kawan , ,

Thanks you @good darma

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