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I am a big fan of Call of Duty games, most of the time playing this game to relieve stress after a long day and night of work. The upcoming release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a must have game in my private collections, and I will definitely play this game once it becomes available.

For the meantime, enjoy the Multiplayer Reveal Trailer.

And if you have some hours to spend, watch this video from the game designers, developers and gamers.

Read the Activision blog here for detailed update:


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How are you, hero?
Do you agree that we always support each other?
promise you know the system here powers only better than the weak unfortunately

As you know by now, I voted quality content of authors.

This game is very good. But I have to give it time. Nowadays I am teaching children online. But my son keeps playing it.

Thank you. We should play together.

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Hello, dear friend @yehey.

I would not have imagined that you're a fan of video games.
Years ago I used to spend hours playing, but not anymore.

I consider this video that you shared valuable, thank you, brother.

Just for past time and stress reliever.

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It's necessary... sometimes.

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