My Town In Ten Pics - Ang Mo Kio Town Center, Singapore

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Hello Steemians, I would like to share the township revival project that carried out at the place I stay - Ang Mo Kio , Singapore.

Due to the population ageing in surrounding area, and town center been a long time not done the decoration, the town council of Ang Mo Kio had recently kicked out a project to revive liveliness of the town center.

So in this arrticle, I'd like to share with steemians about the project: #Mytown10pics by @steemitblog.

This wall painting illustrates the scenario during pandemic of the century covid19. We together hold hands in hands to fight for a better future for next generation.

Google Plus Codes: 9RCW+HR Singapore


This wall painting is side by side with the previous one, it illustrates the common scene in the Singapore market . Not to forget is the king of fruits- durian. We just love the fruits so much !

Google Plus Codes: 9RCW+HR Singapore


We love durian so much, until if Mosa Lisa was to visit Singapore, she would grab a bit on the king of fruits to taste it!

Google Plus Codes: 9RCW+9X Singapore


This is the reflection of the olden days of Singapore back in the 70s.

Google Plus Codes: 9RCW+HJ Singapore


Yet another wall painting about durian! in Malay, we say "durian runtuh", which literally means durian fall, meaning you get free stuff easily. But the women squading in front to eat the durian, I just find it quite humorous and funny.

Google Plus Codes: 9RCW+8X Singapore


Not only we have wall paintings, but there are floor painting also, large koi fish is painted on the floor for shoppers leisure viewing.

Google Plus Codes: 9R9W+PW Singapore


Not forgetting the symbol of Singapore- the Merlion ! With the city scene as background, it symbolize the Singapore progressing in these years.

Google Plus Codes: 9R9X+V2 Singapore

Hope you enjoy the paintings as I do!


Thank you for taking part in My Town In Ten Pics on Steem.

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