My Town in Ten Pics: Historic Capital City

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Hey dear Steemians,

Proudly I want to share ten places of my town. But first I want to briefly tell you about Prizren. Prizren is the second largest city of Kosovo after Prishtina, it is know as a historical capital city, because of the culture saved for many centuries.
It is a touristic place, with many places to visit during summer and winter. It hosts a short international film festival each year, where more than 30.000 people come to visit during a week of the festival.


Prizren Fortress
Built in the 14th century, it is on the top of the city, which give an amazing view to this city. Hundred years ago it was used as a small town where people where living as a community. If you look from the above it has a heart shape. It takes 15 minutes by walking to go to the castle, where you can enjoy the view and see the whole Prizren!


Albanian League of Prizren
It is used as a museum right now, a place where Albanian leaders during 19 century made their meeting and took a decision not to give our lands to the enemies. So they gave a promise! When Albanian gives a promise over something it means that its for sure. This comes from the kanun of Lek Dukagjini!


Sinan Pasha Mosque
A mosque built in Ottoman time, exactly in 1615, the mosque it is still active and saved since that time. This mosque is in the city center also it is one of the main destinations of tourists.


Orthodox Church
Prizren is known a lot for its multi-culturalism, where orthodox church is also active and is used by orthodox people.
It is under protection of Unesco.


4 taps
Those are a symbol of Prizren, this is exactly in the center of city, where is active 24/7 so people walking by can drink water. There is an old belief "If somebody from abroad drinks water from those taps, will come back again in Prizren one day"


Old street

This is how few streets look alike, still we save this, because it looks so vintage and adorable!


Stone Bridge

The stone bridge is also another symbol of Prizren. It is created during 18th ceuntry, but the river down below destroyed it twice, but they built it twice with the same stones and the same architecture. This is the favorite place of tourists to take picture, because its background is the greatest.

Traditional Houses


Prizren has cultural heritage too, many NGO's and institutions care a lot about the heritage and old buildings. We try to save them as much as possible.


Prizren River


we have a river which goes by center and splits the city into two parts. It makes the city more beautiful!

Extra pictures:


A project to save the trees, not to put papers!


One of the oldest hotels!


Old building built in 1930!

All shots are taken while having a walk, after raining will less fog! During December Prizren is foggy because is surrounded by mountains all over.
I took all photos will my Samsung A70!

You are more than welcome in the historic capital city Prizren!


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