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@cherylsonty singing

Celebration time


Everybody make una join me

Salebrate!!!! (4x)

Yes oh my people I don come again o!

Clear road!!

Na better tori i carry come for una today o

Una don hear??? 👂🏻👂🏻

Jumia don reach 6yrs now now o, e be like say na film abi...hehehe my people na reality be dis oO...jumia na oga na master na hin make dem say make we join them jollificate...

Them don promise us say we go fit buy ogbonge things for beta beta prices

Make we no dull for this awoof wey don show ooo

Oya as e dey hot, carry your pen and paper begin dey write everything wey you and your family and all your padi dem go need bcox this kain opportunity you no go see am again o

Make e no be like say dem shoot bird hin mama fly

Una fit yan with @cherylsonty make she begin de arrange orders, while you just sidon for house make your orders arrive sharp sharp for your door.

Thank God for Jumia oO, no more pushing pushing for market, no more potopoto for this raining season.

No carry last oO

Make you just relax,enjoy your shopping from your crib!

Jumia get everything wey you go need take survival for this life, weda na for your kitchen o, room o, office o, parlour o, nothing wey you go find.

Our fine sisters, una make-up, shoes etc de gidigbam, jumia say mAke una fine de go.

You fit check all these samples,make you know whether you go fit see anyone need

Oya na leggo!


Una numba 1 jumia sales consultant!!


Nice post

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Really funny publicity I must confess. keep flying your flag.

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Congratulations to Jumia o. Una products correct o!

Wow wow
Hope discount go dey🤗🤗

This one make brain ooo