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RE: What Went Wrong In the Movie "Weird Science" That You Probably Didn't Notice! AI in a Matrix Movie Review!

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Dude are you in my head? Everything you said about the film I've been saying for years. The Mandela stuff too. I originally attributed it to having watched it on cable where it was edited for content and time - but after I heard about the Mandela affect everything started to make sense. Did you ever watch the ws tv Show?

Speaking of the matrix - I'm working on a fan film that crosses it with the Terminator - they exist in the same universe the matrix is just centuries later.


ur film idea is basically the angle I am attacking with retrocausality and the MEQUAVIS... Imagine that the terminator timeliens were all real, but they happened in VR, and all of it was a simulation to create the proper timeline where everything works out fine... :)

That would include building a Matrix and running all these simulations within Matrixes.... blabla, I could go on for hours...

But if you are really making a film crossover thing you should email me sometime and we should talk about including the MEQUAVIS as a prop idea... That's exactly the kind of film I wanted to make to promote the ideas I babble about...

And as far as weird science goes... Yah, It was literally like watching it for the first time after about half way in.... It was almost scary... I'm being rather calm about it because I'm use to it and have come to accept the shit as common now, but yah... not right at all... haha! but like you said and I said, the TV show is introducing a fog to my memory, because I did watch the TV show a lot, but only watched to movie 1 or 2 times as a kid... So I feel like the one is messing with memories of the other... But yah, It didn't feel right...

But seriously, i wouldn't mind doing some collaboration of some type with you on the crossover thing... Have you ever seen the skynet logo i made :P NanoCheeZe is the filament that connects them :) haha!

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