Come Get Your NanoCheeZies!!! NanoCheeZe Windows EXE is now available for DOWNLOAD!

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Come get your test coins!!! Post your NanoAddress below in comments and I will send you some of these sweet staking rewards :)

You aren't dreaming! It's finally here!!!

You can launch and test the windows exe from the NanoCheeZe App!

Visit to download the App (requires JAVA & Windows 10)

Or download the exe directly from:
(Just an Alpha Test)

There will be issues and there is a lack of peer nodes right now so you may need to manually connect to one such as

Volunteer to run a permanent node if you have a semi-static ip!

I'll be on the road working for the next week so...

See previous post here:



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Thanks for the likes and support. Cant download nanocheeze, my OS is outdated.

What os? Just curious for compatability testibg. Runs on windows ans linux currently. Technically macosx if someone wants to compile it.... i dont have a mac to test. But i can probably compile it for yoy if you ate on mac. Not sure. Nevet botheted to try... unless you're on chrome....

Yes, I'm on chrome. mine is windows 7 still. so outdated right?

windows 7 will run the standalone wallet exe just fine...
should run the java app toooo...maybe... I know it fails on XP though....

I am going to set it up though so that you can't stake your coins in the wallet unless the JAVA app is running alongside it... :)

Nice post


Where are all the Nano addresses?

steemians didn't want any I guess :P

What wallet is it in?

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