Could "Time Traffic" Cause Time Jams? Time Travelers are apparently running rampant and the USA is under Corporate Martial Law?!

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I love stuff like this. Entertained fully :)

One thing I have never liked about these type of stories though is that they clearly couldn't be travelling through time...

I like his travelling to the future stories, but the moment he went to the past he is endangering his own existence...

I tend to view what he is saying as that he is hopping universes/dimensions and they are simply offset by that amount of time.

ie. If you changed the past after time travelling and then returned to the future you would have two choices to make in your time machine... Return to your timeline where the past never changed or return to the future of the timeline you just changed. And again, according to what we just discussed, that would be yet a third world, that would just be a future version of the past world you changed... :) lol

What a mess right.

Otherwise if real time travel is possible there would need to be some mechanism that basically prevents paradoxes. Like if you killed your grandma before you were born, then reality would rewrite itself so that you were adopted and still time traveled... etc, etc...

I can't take this video and guy serious as a time travel story but I can take it half as seriously as an inter-dimensional traveler. Clearly just for fun though :) good stuff... He makes you "want" to believe it though :D Although Mandela Effects make ya wonder, Deja Vu?

I watch a lot of fun videos like this and I always debate posting them for you guys to watch, but I only post about 5% of what I view as I get hesitant that people will think I take it seriously or that I am spamming stuff.

So I have decided to start posting videos and articles I'm viewing that I enjoy on the @cybershrapnel account. I don't use it for much, So I thought that it would be a good use for the channel... I'm going to #nanocheeze and #MEQUAVIS all the posts and just post a lot of random crap there.... Fun stuff, weird stuff, fringe stuff, etc... Then I will resteem the good stuff over to here when you guys upvote stuff :)

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Check the prior post for more info:

This one below is just scary... And mostly true... :(

Combine these two videos into one theme in your head and it makes for quite a fright :P If you mix these together it says Time Travelers purposely caused 911 to avoid the worse civil war that corporate martial law leads to that sparks a fast burning nuclear but contained WW3 but that we still somehow become an intergalactic power and that time travelers are trying to make us good guys because our world elite wins and makes mankind the bad guys of the universe!?? Crazy shit! lol /end-of-rant


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