Interplanetary Internet??? Quantum Mysticism.... AI and Pseudoscience... How pseudo is it. Is the world elite building a digital occultish bridge back to the garden of Eden??

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I just ran across this.... I thought I would share it with you all... I was thoroughly entertained by it!


Found this in the video below.....

Doesn't that interplanetary internet remind you of something????

just change interplanetary to interdimensional now...

I think I will be following the author of that video on youtube from now on... Very interesting perspective...


interplanetary ... so that is between planets

yes, I guess... but with the flow of data I've been seeing I suspect interdimensional versus interplanetary... We have no need nor use for interplanetary yet... but interdimensional?? That would mean there are already people on the other end :P other us... They are basically talking about taking IPFS to the next level with block chain segmenting clouds of web... so you have a cloud here and a cloud there, but instead of being america and china, it's Earth and Mars, or Earth and Alpha Centauri Prime, or Earth Prime and Earth beta :P ROFL

I dunno

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Good stuff btw, watch this video to go with this topic...

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I may reblog this post! Thanks for sharing!

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