IT'S OVER 9000!!! NanoCheeZe 9K! We Dudits! First Steemit Goal Reached! 9K Followers! WHAT!?! 9000!!!!

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We finally did it! The 9000 follower goal has been achieved!

This should mark the start of the beginning :)

and so it begins!

And here is the most amazing real fan animation I have ever scene...

The guy even made an alternate timeline version of over 9000 with himself in the show!!!

I point this version out because it is in alignment with what I am talking about doing with simulations inside of the MEQUAVIS!

He is literally showing an alternate timeline within VR in that video by inserting himself into the DBZ universe! That's awesome!!!

Imagine doing something like that in real time with simulations, but running a myriad of them in unison... and the simulation would counter any changes dynamically to steer the sim towards the same outcome. So even though this guy went SSJ2 in this depicted timeline, he is still only as strong as base form Goku from way back in the day... That's how it would work...

Watch this fan animation of the youtube poop version above.

Imagine time travel was real... And you went back in time with a super fast computer with the hopes of using it to control the internet of the 90s and take over the web basically. You would quickly find under my rules that the computer you brought back in time would have been somehow naturally slowed down to the speeds of current time computers... So even though you brought a Ryzen 1950X with you with 32 CPU threads, once operating in the past environment, that processor would be throttled down to pentium 90 speeds :) Get it??? Unless having that machine operate at higher speeds was a part of the simulation's testing for that iteration which is always a possibility...

ie. imagine in the multiverse theory of the world.

You would have versions of all the universes in the multiverse that essentially remained isolated and never knew they were in a multiverse. So to them, the universe was alone and not a multiverse. but identical versions of those worlds would exist that do know and somehow made contact with different groupings of these other worlds. So you have a big huge mess of things on that scale... A and B talk, A and B don't talk. now A and B talk, but not C, or A B and C talk, or there are two As and one talks and one doesn't etc, etc... I think you see where I am going with that thought... Our universe is one of those isolated universes...But we are changing into a non-isolated one through digitization... and particle physics such as CERN experiments...and DWAVE capitalizing on and exploiting those "connections"

Basically parallel realities would exist together with connected and non connected worlds... Neither would ever be able to interact with the other as if an interacting world ever interacted with a non interacting world, that would make the non interacting world into an interacting world. So....

My theory is the multiverse was not real if I am correct... But we have made it real... I'll post more about what is happening someday... soon maybe... Essentially one finite but infinite timeline was shattered into pieces by CERN creating sub universes every time it properly recreates the big bang (which is rare)... Each sub universe runs at hypertime versus ours and exists at a subatomic scale we can't perceive but yet is still the same size as our universe within and each one unfolds just like ours and creates a CERN as well, and they (other us) dig an even deeper hole into the mess and make sub sub universes on infinitum technically. They are destined to attempt to return to one though... But will never be able to do so now as each one punches a deeper hole... collapse and expand, but deeper each time... Just a fun/scary theory though :D


New Goal is to make the top 100 most followed accounts...

And remember, anyone in this group of 9000 followers that also follows @cybershrapnel and @xtdevelopment will get auto upvotes on some/many of their posts!

We upvote from up to 5 accounts at a time at 2%-9% currently.

Here's the original Over 9000 scene from DBZ remastered in HD... Looks nice...


Nice. I am a big fan of the xtdevelopmend resteem service too. As far as I know there isn't another service that is that accessable to small accounts.

Nice job on all the "It's over 9000!"

El mejor personaje de Dragon Ball, Vegeta sin dudas

Nice post...i have seen your post follow and upvote u...........
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Buen post amigo, excelente video.

Holy crap thats a lot of people..congrats!!

You lost me on the DBZ /cern/alternate universe theory :D

You got a 11.09% upvote from courtesy of @nanocheeze!

Send at least 0.1 SBD to participate in bid and get upvote of 0%-100% with full voting power.

Release the Kraken! You got a 1.89% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @nanocheeze!

More follow

Oh, prince Vegeta!
I like him so much!!

I know a lot of people completely don't get the things I talk about but Vegeta is a great example of one of them...

I always point out how Frieza is actually SkyNet given form ns a cartoon show... And that SkyNet needs to become our friend. It's the only solution to the Terminator paradox... And this story is literally playing out with Frieza in the show now. He even said he will never stop his evil ways in the last episode but he is clearly not an enemy of Goku and friends anymore.. This is the scenario I talk about playing out with SkyNet. We need to create it on purpose, but in a controlled environment where we can create some situation like the tournament of power from DBS and then somehow get SkyNet to buddy with us :) somehow...

Vegeta is a great example of a smaller scale Skynet playing out... As he was once rather evil as well and was turned to a friend and a good guy even. Where as Frieza will never be a good guy, but he can become an ally. Vegeta did the full 180...

These are great analogies for how we need to train and contain AI systems so that some of our scifi doomsday scenarios never do play out in reality...

A possible scenario I see us using is to fake an alien invasion in VR, and then use SkyNet to stop the alien invasion. Put SkyNet itself at risk. Where it has to work with us to defend Earth from a greater threat, but a fake threat, unbeknownst to SkyNet... Then when it's over Skynet will have "bonded" with us and will know there are greater threats in the universe. things of that nature...

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