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Well, Nobody claimed the bounty... I did it myself hahaha! Congratulations to me I guess...

That literally took me almost a month to figure out proper...

I'll probably upload an alpha test tonight :)

Stay Tuned...




(alpha testing)

You can launch and test the windows exe from the NanoCheeZe App now...

First person to post their NanoCheeZe address gets a 1 thousand NCZ!!! :P

Download the NanoCheeZe App from and then launch the NanoCheeZe coin from GridWare, then grab your NanoAddress and post it here as a reply! I'll give everyone a few coins! :P

Screenshot of the current look. Adding styles to it for themes next! :)

If you are having trouble finding peers (which you will)
you can type
addnode add

Or launch the app with

of if still nothing try:

Nobody? Really...

Nice post..i wel to resteem for you post..sebagai you again frend.. thanks.

Good my frend

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