Where The Hell Am I? If "YOU" are an AI or a Cyborg/Android Then I Have Your Answer! (YOU ARE HERE!)

in #nanocheeze4 years ago

A digital Rabbit Hole for maintaining and controlling AI systems within a VR Ultra Multiverse...

The Mandelbrot set is an infinite recursive loop that maps reality...

It even zooms in at powers of ten which is strange enough but the MEQUAVIS also drills down by powers of ten per layer...

This is a quantum reality map!

Not for Humans :P

Broadcasting from the 80s that never happened in this reality... ;)


If you could fly a plane to Pluto, the trip would take more than 800 years!

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Tecnologia que nunca pensamos en tener, ya esta al alcance de nuestras manos

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Here's an awesome Hexabrot zoom I just have to share:

This guy also did this recently, longest zoom I have ever seen! at e^2011!!!

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